Front Porch Chat

Hello porchers! I've been watching for y'all. Have a seat, and let's chat. So, tell me, are you working on those New Years' resolutions? Uh-huh, call me Miss Cleo, but I bet losing weight tops the list, right? My powers also tell me you're gonna need some cash, that fat-free food's expensive. But don't worry, I'm here to help.~smile~ Have you heard? Folks are suing McDonald's for making them fat! Yep, the same folks who pay good money to super-size have become super-sized and--get this--they're surprised and angry. Although, it hasn't gone to trial, I'm hearing that the plaintiffs have a good chance at winning and if they set a precedent, I think I have a good case against Zaps Potato Chips. For a small fee, you can join my lawsuit. Surely, you know about Zaps CrawTaters, Jalapeno Chips and Dill Pickle Chips--if not, run to the store and load up. You can thank me later. But, back to my suit. Between long hours at work and longer lines at the mall, I've treated myself too many times lately. I mean, I deserved to ride home with a diet coke and some Zaps CrawTaters. The good news is that I looked, and there's not a warning on the Zaps bag anywhere--not even a hint that consuming large quantities would make it hard to button my jeans. Seriously, I think they put something addictive in there! I'm trying to get a court order to look through their records. They should pay, don't you think? ~smile~ Pass the CrawTaters...I need a fix. Hugs, Shellie