PURSE PURSUIT I know women (my older sister for one) who suffer from multiple "purse"inality. They have a different purse to go with every outfit in the closet. Not me. I'm a one-purse woman. When I get a new purse, I use it till the straps fall off; so it's essential that I find exactly the RIGHT purse -- and that is no easy task. As a modern grandma on the go, I basically live in my car; so my purse must be a carry-all for everything I might need wherever I go. In my purse I carry a supply of every medication in my cupboard along with cosmetics for touch ups; toiletries for use when I'm stranded overnight, books to read while waiting in line, and emergency snacks in case I need nourishment and can't get to food right away. I also stock my purse with plenty of quarters for video games (for my grandson,) a change of underwear (for both of us), some silverware, straws and napkins (those fast food places sometimes forget these). And I can't forget a sweater, umbrella and rain poncho for inclement weather. My purse carries eye drops, ear drops and gum drops, nasal spray, hair spray, and pepper spray, a first aid kit, a sewing kit, a tool kit, and a pool repair kit. Oh, and an inflatable raft (you never know when you might fall overboard). After a tiring three-hour search in Wal-mart, I was pleased to finally find the perfect purse. It has 327 compartments and it's large enough to hold all my "necessities," plus a liter of Dr. Pepper. After filling my "dream purse" with all my treasures, I sadly discovered that I don't have the muscles to lug the thing around. I've developed tennis elbow, low back pain, and a perpetual stiff neck from hoisting the sucker over my shoulder, and I think I might need a rotator cuff transplant. The only things this almost-ideal purse lacks are wheels to drag it along behind me. I was recently stopped by airline personnel and accused of trying to smuggle in carry-on baggage that was too large! I refused to it give up, so my dog-house sized purse was permitted onboard -- with the stipulation that I must hold it on my lap instead of squashing it into the overhead compartment. Because the thing weighs more than I do, my legs were asleep during the entire flight! Well, I found my dream purse -- only to discover that it's not so perfect after all. Back to the drawing board -- or should I say back to Wal-mart's purse department? I'm glad that God isn't like me. I search for a perfect purse. He searches for imperfect people. I want something to MEET MY NEEDS. He wants someone whose needs HE WILL FILL. And when we disappoint God, He doesn't throw us back and start looking for something better. God loves all the imperfect "purse-ons" of this world, no matter what our size, shape, or color. He doesn't care how much we can carry or how organized we are. It doesn't matter if we can't fill every need ourselves. He loves us each for who and what we are. And He makes up for what we lack. Jeremiah 31:3 says: "I HAVE LOVED YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE." Isn't that great to know?