Every day, thousands and thousands of people venture out into the complicated world of online business. The vast majority of these people are joining affiliate programs, MLMs, or trying to market information products. These can make great businesses, but if you really want to stand out, maybe you should try something that gives people a unique, fun, and always appreciated gift: laughter. People love people who make them laugh. We admire and remember people who can inspire a good chuckle or full-out belly laugh, because we associate them with smiles and good times. Our minds tend to hold onto specific quotes from movies, television, or books that we thought were especially funny, and we always remember where we heard them or who coined the phrase. When someone makes us laugh, they leave a lasting, positive impression. If you want your name or your business to be remembered that way, making people laugh will get you there. For example, just last weekend I was walking by a small shop that specialized in decorative and humorous doormats. Looking in the window, I saw one that caught my eye and tickled my funny bone. All it said, in plain lettering, was "Hi, I'm Mat." I laughed out loud, and even though I hadn't planned on making a purchase that day, I walked in and bought it. I'll remember that store, and every time I need a housewarming gift, I'll go back. It all boils down to the simple fact that their merchandise made me laugh. There are literally millions upon millions of e-commerce web sites on the Web today, yet a very small percentage of those are marketing humorous merchandise. Giving your business a sense of humor can really make it stand out and give you a special place in the minds of your customers. Think for a minute about a few people that you genuinely like. Why do you like them so much? Most likely, one of the reasons is because they make you laugh. Great-selling humor items can range from stationary, to posters, to doormats, key chains, shirts, mugs, and a huge variety of other items. You don't need to be an expert on salesmanship, because your merchandise will speak for itself and compel people to buy. Most of all, you'll be associated with good times and great memories.