Todays Heartache, Tomorrows Child.

Its the biggest producer of currency in the world, its on every paper its on every book, its in every head, its on every television set in this nation and it defaces the value of the goodness of the family , of the woman and the man . It wrenches away the abilities of there spirit, there soul there heart, it steals the innocence from my children, it steals the faith from my heart it devalues the only presence of heaven on earth the love of God no matter who you are. It tells me who I can be, it tells me what should be, it tells me where happiness lies and pleasure is found. Its everywhere I turn this thing called the life your supposed to have and the joy you need to buy, the love that never existed, it was all just a myth to make you seek out anything that numbed the spirit that was blackened by the pain of what was once light has devastatingly turned to night. I only cry, I know I am more, why can I not walk out my door without my hope hitting lifes despair why can my children not remain unscarred from this brutality. I want my daughter raised to believe in her beauty, to live with honesty to herself and to men that will test her integrity. I want my son to have the chance to uncover the man he was destined to be, to see and to learn to treat each woman he comes across with dignity . I just want Gods mercy. I want oppurtunity for them to know realize those abilities , have time to define there individuality, there character to be built in harmony. I have to ask am I the fool in the center of the war , or is my voice only one of millions, the battle raging within the hearts of the mothers that bleed for there children to be free. Oh God do you hear me , the anger the fear the sadness the passion the devotion the strength is rising up inside of me. I work with my heart and soul and I push till my spirits raw I give till I feel there is nothing left to lay down, I breath to serve you, I breath to serve this child youve given me , I breath to love, I breath to be loved. I have a husband, I have none. I walk thru the valley, I walk thru the light of the sun, I break down, I break open, I rise again . To give them a future is deemed the sure fire impossibility in todays society they will be faced with more than I can protect them from, more than I can make them blind too, more than I can make them deaf too, more than I can make them oblivious too. I feel helpless when Oh God all I want to do is ensure there safety. My country where have you gone, the generation that will lead you on is being destroyed by your immorality, your greed your publicized hypocrisy. I can not lock these wonders from you , I can not place guards upon there hearts or blinders upon there eyes, I can not block the sounds from there precious ears. But I will speak and I will stand for what they cannot, I will make my voice heard , and If that is all that I do I will have given my treasures the greatest gift that I can give to them. I will fight for the child I have, I will fight for the child I have not, I will not be afraid of what can be done to me only afraid that your ignorance will not receive it,will not inhale the only air that is left. Will not glance at its merit, will not open its truth, will not feel its imminence. For me I stand not, but for there eagerness to breath the glory of what could be I will scream. copyright 2005