Freedom of Access to Israel

I am a law-abiding Christian-Zionist and Israel is the Holy Land to me. Israel professes to be a democracy that respects the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech and allegedly guarantees FREE DOM OF ACCESS to religious sites. Israel is THE religious site that must be guaranteed for law-abiding pilgrims to enter without religious discrimination. Christian tourists spend plenty of DOLLARS in the Holy Land and offer lots of political support in their respective countries that I doubt Israel wants to lose. For Zion's sake, David Ben-Ariel Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 22:58:25 +0200 From: Shmuel HaLevi rfi Radio Free Israel Subject: Re: Freedom of access to Israel To: David Ben-Ariel Organization: RADIO FREE ISRAEL Dear David, What makes you believe that if us, Jews, in Israel, are persecuted, our synagogues destroyed, Jewish homes, farms and schools as well, Jewish dead violated, families made into refugees by pogroms... you, also a believer we deeply respect, will fare any better? I have lived here for over 30 years and I have not been allowed to visit TEMPLE MOUNT or Itzhak Avinu's resting place. In fact those Holy places have been INTENTIONALLY abandoned, as it was Joseph's Mausoleum and wounded soldier defending it. To no small extent it is the US government that has created the monster called "israeli democracy", in reality a junta like dictatorship, ghastly, thieving, bribery riddled, murderous at that. Those donating money to the present israeli system only perpetuate that disgrace. You will notice that we do not ask for anything other than your support in spiritual fashion. True Jews and other BELIEVERS must work as one to change the US State Department created disaster. To do that is not simple but doable. JEWISH LAW must prevail and a true Jewish people must govern. Unless things are faced up to it will go from bad to worse including assaults to both Jewish and Christian places. Already the so called "security wall" intentionally leaves in Islamic hands many Christian areas. As it was Bethlehem and would be the Holy Sepulcher Church. SHmuel