The biblical weapons will soon strike the earth from space when the half moon at night is seen over New Zealand and other countries of the globe as was recently revealed to me; the weapon from the sun will stike during the rising of the sun in some part of the globe. Neuclear nations are adviced to disarm all nuclear weapons of mass destruction as earlier warned. For more details see my article on the "THE HYDROGEN BOMB FROM SPACE". I shall be publishing my predictions from -time -to -time as as it been revealed to me; but want to advice my readers that, visions and dreams including bibilical revelation sometime are giving in symbols and reveals to the prophet what may likely occur in future; some will fulfill exactly and other will fulling very close to the prediction; Such predictions will require verious interpretations for readers. Visions and dreams fulfill in verious forms but from the same prediction. All you have to do is to keep watch of what may likely occur in the near future. The fulfillment will determine the interpretation in most cases. Christians, Muslims and Jews should keep on praying and use Psalm 91 as your memory chapter in this horrible days. Note that God will not allow any human being to destroy the earth with nuclear weapons which they are aticipating to stike thefefore he will take the destroyers of the earth by surprise as predicted. (Rev. 11:14-end)