Update on Israeli visa for David Ben-Ariel

Ellen Kinker, representing the offices of Ohio Senators DeWine and Voinovich , called to report that: "I have been working on your case and have thus far been unsuccessful in getting a response from the embassy of Israel in Washington. I have faxed them a couple of times and I've called them a couple of times and left voice mails...I don't know if you have independently been trying as well, but any contact information would be great since I don't seem to be able to elicit a response and they haven't returned my calls...". When I mentioned how unprofessional, she agreed and said she had never been treated that way before or experienced anything like it. I later e-mailed her: From: "David Ben-Ariel" To: dewine.senate.gov Subject: Visa for David Ben-Ariel Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 17:07:56 -0400 Dear Ellen, Following is an excerpt from an Israeli lawyer friend, Howard Grief: "It is a good idea to request help from both U.S. Senators representing your state to facilitate your application to visit Israel as a Christian tourist...If you get no satisfactory reply from the Israeli Embassy, it would probably help your case if you could get either Senator...to write directly to the Prime Minister of Israel, appealing for his help to let you re-enter Israel." Here is the information necessary to do just that: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 02-670-5555 Telephone 02-566-4838 Fax 02-670-5475 webmaster@pmo.gov.il E-mail Thank you kindly! David Ben-Ariel May our Great Creator God soon remove the mountain of obstacles before me that I may return to Zion! May He remind the nations that they are but men and continue to work out His great purpose here below, since He whom God would send man cannot return. Once I'm back in Israel, it will be as if I had never left! The unj ust deportation I endured will be history. Chag Sameach, DBA