Straight talk about David and Jonathan

A little background information: I was engaged in a strong disagreement with a militant homosexual (not all homosexuals are militant) who was twisting (to his own destruction) the perfect example of pure male bonding between David and Jonathan. May the following debate offer some insight into that biblical account. I quote him and then respond: Quote: Look again at the story of David and Jonathan. What you have here is clearly two gay men Because you're perverted, you immediately see them as perverted like you. They represent the best in male bonding that is pure and without sin and without sex. Quote: who are described by the bible, itself, as having "entered into a covenant" under God, "between each other's seed," BIG CLUE right there! They both were heterosexual and were married and had children/seed, that Jonathan, knowing God had decreed for David to become king, hoped the best for his otherwise rival seed/descendants to be spared and dealt with as lovingly as David and Jonathan, continuing their proper love - NOT SEX! Quote: and against one of the young men's father's wishes, who cursed the other young man, saying his son chose him "to the confusion of his mother's nakedness." Read it in context. As far as confused Saul was concerned, Jonathan was undermining his own family's dynasty for David's House. That's why it speaks of his mother's nakedness, NOT Jonathan or David's! Quote: Upon the death of one of them, the survivor exclaims that their love was so great, it "surpassed the love of women." Go watch "My Fair Lady" and understand the question, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" wasn't a homosexual question. Men, like women, have an understanding amongst ourselves that can transcend sexual love. Quote: That ain't platonic love. That ain't two best friends. That ain't heterosexual male behavior, THREE STRIKES YOU'RE OUT! You now know the plain truth and you can thank God and let it set you free from your delusions, your misunderstanding, or you can revert to your perverted traditional darkness and get worse. I encourage you to see it in this new and proper LIGHT and reject Satan's queer ideas about perfectly straight men. For more information, click on "God and the Gays: What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality."