What Is an Angel?

I have read many articles on angels and there are as many conflicting beliefs about them. The Bible tells us that angels were created when we were. The difference is angels unlike us humans are messengers in contact with God as servants between us and God. The Bible as states that mankind is preferred over the angels. We are told in all spiritual literature that they are the messengers from God, and some of them help us and protect us from harm and are called guardian angels. So why do we need a messenger? I do not have the answers to this, but the Bible tells us that none of those who contacted The Living God could look upon him. So perhaps the angels are there so we can see God through their eyes. Angels are a very popular subject these days. We are in a time of a lot of change on this earth, and some say that we are in the end times because of the wars, strife, and natural disasters that are going on in the present day such as the tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes that we are experiencing at a more than normal rate, and the reported appearances of angels seems to be on the rise as well. Perhaps people are calling on angels more with our needs being so great these days? They have always been there for us but do not intercede without invitation because this would interfere with our free will. I find that when I feel the most hopeless angels come to help. They are an asset that we cannot do without in our lives.