The Speed of God

If you are a Christian you have probably heard mention that God is omnipresent, which means that He is in all places at all times. For us as Homo sapiens to grasp this concept truly, here are some facts and figures to put this into perspective. This is based using theories and concepts of known and hypothetical theories. 1. The universe is an estimated 10 billion years old. 2. Light travels @ 186,000 miles per second. Question: for God to be everywhere in the universe at one time, what is His estimated speed of travel? 10,000,000,000 multiplied by 31,536,000 miles per second 315 Quintillion 360 Quadrillion miles per second! That's mov'in ! Note: A quintillion has 18 zeros in it. Some scientists believe that the universe maybe 20 billion years old which would double the above numbers! The earth is estimated at 4.3 billion years old. This theory is based on 1 entity occupying 1 space at 1 time. And does not consider the concept that God permeates everything in the universe at one time. By: Steven Coffman @ We cater to God, Country and your Family