Power of Praying Aloud to children

Do you pray with your child(ren) on a daily basis? I think most parents encourage their kids to say a bedtime prayer and maybe even a meal prayer. But what I'm talking about is praying throughout the day for big things and even little things! The bible says we should pray without ceasing. Let me tell you when I first heard that I though yeah right, you've got to be kidding me. I barely have time to pray at night before crashing in bed. Then I got some insight on that verse. God doesn't expect us to be down on our knees all day long reciting a well thought out prayer. He knows we are busy with a limited amount of time. In fact much of what we do is possible because of him, so he wouldn't want us shirk our responsibilities. But he would like for us to have lots of daily chats with him. I used to think that my prayers had to be long winded and biblically appropriate but now I know better. Do you remember the verse in the bible that states we have to become like little children before entering the kingdom of God? How many kids do you see coming up with eloquent, drawn out prayers with big, lofty words in them. Most kids simply ask God to bless others and ask for things that they want. And do you know that makes God incredibly happy. He knows us, loves us (probably even better than we know ourselves) and just wants to spend time with us. If we have to take the time to say the right things in the right way to God then we probably won't take the time at all. It is really important that all throughout the day we continuously speak to our heavenly father. But I believe it is even more important that our children see us speaking to him. When you are at work or in public pray silently to yourself. But when you are home, try to get into the habit of praying out loud. In the beginning, your kids may look at you like you've lost your marbles-especially if they are older and you've never done anything like that before! But, in time they will get accustomed to it and begin accepting it as reality. You may be inclined to pray in front of them only prayers of thanksgiving or intercession; such as thanking God for all your blessings or praying for a sick relative. But it is really important that your child also sees you praying prayers of petition out loud (such as "God help me, I can't do this alone"). Many parents, especially dads, believe they will appear 'weak' in front of their children if they ask for things or help, but just the opposite occurs. You are fostering a dependence on God that no other role model can establish. Your kids see you as their provider, leader and protector. Something very powerful occurs when they see you reliant on God for everything. They realize that the key to your power lies in your ability to humble yourself to God and ask him to intercede for you in the things you cannot do or need help accomplishing. What a powerful witness you can be to your children! It may take some practice and courage to begin humbling yourself to God in front of your kids, but after a while it will become easier. And one of the benefits you may experience one day could be watching your own child cry out to God for help and guidance.