How blinded?

A man sits upon a step. It leads to nowhere. Once it led to the most famous place in America. It was the Capitol. But, alas they feared not the Lord, but put Him out of all their ways. Thus, the epitaph is: How blinded we were? We prepared for a calamity, but who can be prepared for the wrath of Almighty God? The answer, no one. That surely would be our final statement after the judgment falls upon a secular nation called America. The once polished stone shining in the world is now a faint glimmer of what it used to be. Gone are the people that feared the Lord and ordered their conversation aright. Gone are the congressman who stood bravely against the attempts of ungodly sorts to turn away anything that gives to God credit, glory, or obedience. Now, the love, turning colder, shakes it head and says..."How blinded we were". The distance cries are in the tens of thousands. These are the innocent ones that were murdered in their life arrival. These are the ones that were torn asunder by instruments of torture preventing a life to live. These are those who aborted remains are tossed as refuse upon the scrap heap of history. No one mourns them. No one cares. No one protests anymore. Gone, simply vanished in the daily lives of the america that once stood proudly for life. Now, it vanquishes this life with death and blood. Those who did protest were looked upon as the culprits. These, they said were the ones "to blame for this chaos". Thus the evil became good and good became evil. Along the streets another Sodom arrives. It is the day of pride. Once upon a time another city called Gomorrah was as this one was. Now it is gone, the victim of its own pride and sin. They feared not the Lord God who made them. With these who have gone this pathway before, this Sodom doesn't see the danger. It thrives in a place called America, in a Town that has bravely stood against such evils in the past, now it embraces this as good. Sodom has another day to be proud and do its own evil or another day to repent. But how long? The sand is running out of Eternities clock, then those who do such things will face the Lord God who made them. Then their pride will wilt as lettuce in the noon day sun. Their courage will be as women in birth pangs and their teeth will be grinding away in pain. For thus the Lord warned them, but this is America, we are safe here. But the voice winds down to a whisper and says "or so we thought, how blinded we were". In the church the minister is looking around. It is full he reminds himself. All is good. We are financially blessed, spiritually mature, and living as saints. Yet, in the mist of deception, a shadow stirs in the corner. Yet another victim is seen listening to this voice. It tells them " God is good, he doesn't bother with your sins. Your rich and in need of nothing, just look how good you are doing." The shadow slinks away to another victim as the preacher preaches on. Gone are the days of annointed preaching. "Preaching it as it is" the old timers would say. "Hell fire and brimstone", "the gospel nuggets given out" another would say. The gospel today is filled with living the good life, making it big, having money and riches. Enjoying the good life. As one preacher said "don't tell me you can have joy without money. Money is the thing that brings joy, it is better than the Holy Spirit". Thus the deceptive mirror is turned inward and no one sees. The rich and in need of nothing crowd has just grown again. The church is full, the message is soothing, and the disciples are multiplying. The problem is, no one knows what the gospel is anymore. The epitaph is being read in eternity...."woe to those who are rich, woe to those who are blinded with the world, woe to those who love the world and its things"...For they will surely say, "how blinded we were". Yet, amidst all the chaos of the end time schedule. There is a fire burning in the depths of a few. These are those who love is not of the world, nor of its things. These are those who know the gospel message and share it. These are those who know the Lord God. These are those who follow Yeshua HaMassiach in Hebrew, the Lord Jesus Christ in English. The heart is burning, the love is overwhelming, the dedication is to the death. Their love is steeped in Him who gave Himself for them. They were the sinners saved by grace, the lost who were found, and the wanderers who finally found a home. These are those who trust in the Lord...Surely they will say...."this is our God, we have waited for Him, this is the Lord, He will save us"....The Watchman....Evang. Dana G Smith