Chao's What is it?

Chao's...What is it...When I think of this term an explanation of it being disorder or extreme confusion [according to Websters New World dictionary] does seem what I see in the realm of Washington. From policitics to the recent snafu with Fema it does seem like the extreme nothingness into chaos into a mass of unbelievable confusion. When God started creating things, he did so out of the darkness and nothingness. There was nothing, disorganized, nothing familiar, total chao's and then bam...God starts creating. The trouble today, with our chaos we won't let God do anything with it. Then Swoosh! Out of our great capitol comes this same disorganized mumbo jumbo, sorta resembling in the beginning. You can hear the chaos rumbling even now. The democrats blame republicans, Bush, and the conservative agenda's. The republicans blame the democrats and liberals for blocking all movement forward on any constructive agenda's. When Katrina hit, I heard the Mayor and Governor on tv telling all citizens to leave. How were we to know that most could not leave because of no transportation, money, or will to leave? Then after it all happened I again heard the Mayor tell everyone he did all he could do to get everyone out. Then I saw the hundreds of buses in the water...Then I thought why didn't someone take these buses to higher ground or use them to evacuate people? Well, stupid thoughts anyway, these people are professionals down in New Orleans they surely thought of that. Again the word chaos comes to mind. Turns out, no one was evacuated with the useable buses which now are not useable because no one thought to take them to higher ground. Higher ground, what a thought, by the way is there higher ground in New Orleans...A bird passing by just told me no...Well so much for that..They are professionals down there, surely they know what they do or do they? In the middle of this daily tv diatribes, from New Orleans, comes the daily shows and marching of the News anchor people. Along this same vein comes the democrates hurling verbal meteors at someone named Roberts...Oh, yes, isn't he running for something, no wait, from someone, again...[short pause to sort it out] Why yes! I've got it, they meaning the republicans what him to be the chief justice. What a mess...It is any wonder anyone gets confirmed and put in their rightful seat on the court..Confirmed isn't that when your baptized or something? Guess not...[short pause again pondering confirmed] Well I know that if the demosquabbles and repububbles were to agree on anything I would most definately think the Titanic was raised and all her passengers were alive. I mean the world would stop wouldn't it? I seem to remember back on 00 ought 8...that is 1908 didn't they agree then? No wait, that was Tom and Bill agreeing what bar they were going to enter...Oh well, back to Chao's. Then in the midst of this Chao's bombarding us from all sides, any wonder the geese know which way is south...Heard the democrates were trying to annex the north and make them all southern, but the republicans stepped in and vetoed it..Good, don't want to be too close to them thar hurricanes, which I would be if they annexed us. The tv blazing away, the tearful eye, guess what? The fella who screwed everything up has just quit FEMA. Oh sure , you want me to believe this lone guy, head of the FEMA agency and subordinate to almost everyone is Washington DC is the only person that did something wrong? Chao's the word describes almost everything that is happening lately. Even in this article..Chao's..You get the idea...If'n your hop'n that Washington will fix all your ills, then your as crazy as those demosquabbles and repububbles who never agree on anything..Wait did I say never..Never say never...they almost never agree on anything. You need to hope in something...Hope in the Lord...He makes something out of chaos, He did so in the beginning, He can do the same thing when we screw it up. Thank God for God...He is the only unchangeble aspect there is...For now, I betcha know what chao's is? Or do I have to keeepppp writingnnnng thisssssssssss. God bless....Look to the Lord today....The Watchman..Wings Evang.