SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST REVALATION A twelve hours revalation of the second coming of Jesus Christ was shown to prophet Goodnews Adolphus as part of the content in the scroll that was given to him by the angel in 1981 to be re-explained to the whole world. The following are some of the basic factors: THE CLOUDS ROLLED OFF FROM THE SKY The first thing the world is going to expirenced is that the clouds will roll off from the sky. But bible translators say "heaven departed like a scroll, or the sky roll off like a scroll etc rather the clouds on the face of the sky rolled off because the sky is endless.(Isa. 34:4& Rev 16:4) THE FALLING OF THE STARS Jesus says, that the stars will fall and the powers of the heaven shall be shaken(Mat. 24:29-31); then the book of Revelation says that the stars fall like a fig leave being sharken by the wind..(Rev. 16:12-17); I am going to explained this later in the "DETAILS OF THE RAPTURE"in this article. HIS SECOND COMING FROM THE WEST TO EAST This is one of the biblical mysteries that was revealed to me from the scroll in that revelation. I Saw the sun rising again from the west in the evening when the sun had just set and another sun arose from the West and the cross of Jesus Chirst was standing in the midst of the sun accompanied by a song of great croud of the saints singing a very melodious song relating to the second coming of Jesus Chirst and was being accompanied by verios musical instrument I have never heard. The cross in the sun was arising from the west in a great speed like the movement of a jet fighter plane surrounded by thick clouds; you can observe the speed of the movement unlike the original sun that rise from the east. Among the prophets, prophet Isaiah give detailed report on this point; In Isaiah chapter 59 verse 1-17 he spoke about the sins of the world and in verse 18 he spoke of Jesus Second coming to reward everyone for what he has done; that he will come in fury to reward his enemies; then in verse 19 he says, " So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and his glory from the rising of the sun; for he will come like a rushing stream which the wind of the Lord drives;(meaning he will come from the west in the rising sun in a great speed ) and will come to Zion as a redeemer and to those who turns from transgression in Jacob" Please use RSV, NIV and other versions of the bible on verse 19 whose translatation is similar as explained above; the King James version of verse 19 is contrary giving a wrong meaninig "saying, when the enemies shall come, the spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against them"; I advice the King James translators to correct verse 19 in subsequent re-prints. THE SPEED OF THIS SECOND COMING FROM THE WEST Prophet Isaiah says, 'he will come like a rushing stream which the wind of the Lord drives... other version says, he will come like a flood tide.. Prophet Jeremiah says, "Behold he comes as like could his horses are swifter that eagles woe to us we are ruined" THE PERIOD OF HIS SECOND COMING Although Jesus says that no one known the day of his second coming even the angels in heaven but his father only; however the books of the prophets revals the period of his second coming. Prophet Zacraiah gave his report as follows: and the Lord my God shall come an all the saints with thee; it shall be one day which shall be known unto the Lord; not day not night but at evening time there shall be light..........(Zech 14:5-7) Therefore the middle east regions and part of Africa will witness his second coming late in the evening while that same time could be morning, noon-time or midnight in other parts of the world due to the rotation of the earth around the sun causing the day and night and the period of time. THE CROSS IN THE SUN One of the mysteries of his second coming is the appearance of his cross in the rising sun. The cross stand for two purposes: (a). To immediately remind the whole world of Jesus Christ and his second coming using the cross as his official sign and logo; therefore his logo is the cross in the sun surrounded by clouds of whirlwind. It will immediately remind the whole world of all his sufferings he faced during the day of his crucifixion for the sins of the people of the whole world; The memory will be come so fresh as those he was crucified on that day at the appearance his cross in the sun and there shall be no human being on earth who will not open his mouth and cry out like a little child in the hand; there shall be great lamentation all over the world just at the appearance his cross; those who have not repented and given their lives to Chirst shall begin to regret immediately because their sins shall begin to testifies agains them immediately remembering the judgement at hand; then the those have have repenented and living a righteous lives will cry out for joy with great tears flowing from their eyes wth the strong hope of the rapture as the spirit of the Lord will released from the cross keeping them alret in readiness to take off to meet him in the sky with the rest ruptured saints already taken up from the west. I will explained more when I shall reach on the DETAILED OF THE RAPURE" About the cross, Apostle Matthew gave detailed report on this account; categorically Jesus said, (1) Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon will not give her light (2) the stars will fall from heaven for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken (3)THEN SHALL APPEAR THE SIGN(CROSS)OF THE SON OF MAN IN HEAVEN AND ALL THE TRIBES OF THE EARTH SHALL MOURN (4) AND THEY SHALL SEE THE SUN OF MAN COMING WITH POWER AND GREAT GLORY..."(Mat 24:29-31, Zec 12:10 and Rev. 1:7 DETAILS OF THE RAPTURE Jesus is coming physically back to the earthly which was lifted up into heaven by a whirlwind cloud just as Prophet Elijah ascended into heaven by a whirlwind storm and just like the lifting of our modern helicopter by the wind force generated by the rotating blade. This time he is coming back to pick his saint into the sky with a very powerful whirlwind storm that can lift up and suspend several thousands of wingless saints in the sky . King David gave detailed report on this account in the prophetic book of psalms; he said: Our God comes he will not keep silence; round about him a a devouring fire( he standing in the sun)around about him a mighty tempest(the great whirlwind storm with he shall lift up the saints)he calls to the heaven above and those on earth that he may judge his people; he said, "gather to me my faithful ones who made a covenant with me by my sacrifices'(Psalms 50:3-5). Prophet Jeremiah says, "Behold he comes up like clouds, his chariots like the whirlwind....(Jer. 4:13) Isaiah 66;15-16 says, "Behold the Lord will come in the fire(the sun)and his charliots like the whirlwind; to render his rebuke with a flame of fire; for by fire the Lord will excecute judgement.. The bibles says that our Lord is coming with the clouds of heaven and the seas and waves shall roar. Which means he is coming in a great powerful whirlwind storm to carry his elect to the sky as it happened to prophet Elijah (See 2nd Kings 21:25-27 & 2nd Kings 2:12). The falling of the stars and the resurrection of the dead will not occur at the same time throughout the whole world. The great whirlwind storm shall be divided into two parts like in the case of a thunderstorm. The first part blow lesser than the second part; the second part shall be more powerful and causing more destruction than the second part. During his second coming, we shall hear the trumpet blast and voices of multitudes from the west and loud thunder with deep vibrations shaken both the heavens and earth. As a result of the shaken of the heavens, the stars will loose their balance in space and shall begin to fall from the sky but none shall touch the earth ; and the deep vibrations of the great thunders will also affect the earth causing great earthquake and the graves of the late saints who died before and during the great tribulation shall resurrect and walk out of their graves and stand on their feet together with the people on earth whenever this part of the storm arrived in any part of the globe beginning from the west to the east. As this happen first both we and the dead who had just resurrected shall be seeing the second coming of the Lord from the far west in the sky in the second part of the wind being more powerful carrying the saints into the sky both the living and those that came out of their graves from one nation non to another and region to region until it reaches our regions where we shall also be picked away. Therefore, in the first part of the wind, we shall hear the loud sound of the great trumpets to be sound by the angels in gathering together the elect from one end to the another. As a result, the dead in Christ shall resurrect first and join us before we shall be carried away together to meet the Lord in the sky on the arrival of the second wind (2nd 4:13-18) The speed of the of his storm will overtake the falling stars in that region of the world causing the starts suspending and overing in the sky with the saints like snow balls; as a result we shall see ourselves in the midst of the falling stars in the sky(Dan. 12:23 & Mat. 13:43). As soon as the Lord had orbited the earth, the force of the wind shall begin to reduce bring us back again to the earth in a very slow motion together with the falling stars and shall be landing one after the other and we shall all gather before the Lord at the new Jerusalem between the Indian and the Atlantic ocean and shall appoint the saints who shall rule all the nations for a thousand year (Isa 24:20-25 & Rev. 20:1-end) Later the Lord shall return to haven with his twelve Apostles and the 144000 virgin saints who are to rule with him in the kingdom of heaven and whose kingdom shall rule over all the earth among the saints until the thousand years is completed. At that time on, the religion of the sons Abraham, namely the Muslims, Jews and christains shall be one. See Zachariah chapter 14;1-end and Rev. chapter 20;1-end After the 1000 years is over and satan thrown into the lake of fire, then the New Jerusalem shall descend from heaven and will land in the land of Isreal in which there shall be no more temple. This is the Land God gave to Abraham and to all his childeren when he obeyed and left his people. Here Abraham and all his childen from all nations shall be gathered to gether to serve the God of their father forever and ever and God will at that time fulfill the covenat he made with Abraham in the Land of Canaan as the father of all nations. Revelation chapter 21-22, and Ezekiel chapter 37;24-25 Watch out for the next article on THE FIRST AND SECOND JUEDEMENT