President Bush: Get sober - forswear "Palestine!"

Israel National News Bush Tells Press: "Israel Must Withdraw from Settlements" A slip of the tongue? U.S. President Bush said yesterday that Israel must remove the Jewish communities in Yesha. His spokesman later said that he meant only Gaza and the "unauthorized outposts." Unauthorized by who? The Promised Land of Israel belongs to ISRAEL. The Jewish homeland belongs to Jews. Doesn't President Bush believe in the Higher Power that freed him from drink any more? The Sovereign Lord of the Universe has authorized the settlement of HIS holy land by HIS People. President Bush put away your drink of delusions about a peaceful "Palestine!" President Bush sober up and forswear "Palestine!"(Joel 3:1-2). "Bush made the statement at a press conference with Jordan's King Hussein at his side. He had warm words for Abu Mazen, saying the PA Chief "wants to develop a state that will live in peace alongside Israel," and acknowledging that the PA needs armed forces and training to "defeat the terrorists who wish to stop the march to freedom." How touching. How insane! How dare President Bush aid and abet terrorists, with his administration's head in the sands of delusion, while American soldiers lives are in harm's way, fighting against terrorism! Our Commander-in-Chief coddles up to a known terrorist, the co-founder of the terrorist organization called FATAH and a holocaust denier. Terrorist Abu Mazen is an accomplice to mass murder. President Bush should condemn him and demand justice and distance himself from such an evil man, not praise him and incur divine wrath upon his own head and nation! (Daniel 9:11). President Bush: Just say NO TO ANOTHER ARAB TERRORIST COUNTRY; just say NO TO A PLO STATE OR HAMASTAN; just say NO TO AN ACCURSED PALESTINE! No true Christian would call for such a perversion of the Holy Land into something it was never called to support: another Arab regime!