I dreamed this last night (Sep 22 05) (by the way, the Lord had me read the story of Joseph yesterday..beginning at Genesis 37). I was walking with my grandson and others through a two foot deep crystal clear lake of water. I came upon a small creature (similar to a crawfish) that was in my path. I tried to get him to move, but he was working at getting something and he persistently worked away. I went on but looked back, and saw the little creature dragging a huge red and black snake by the tail...the snake was dead. I continued on walking through the crystal clear lake, and there were other people there...Everyone was having a good time and the water felt so clear and refreshing. I then dreamed of meeting one of my high school classmates (I graduated in 1970), Sandra. We were planning a class reunion and were really "singing off the same sheet of music" (in agreement about things). We were even strolling along, holding hands and talking. Invitations were sent out, and the class reunion was a huge success...hundreds of cars and people were there...the tables were piled up with food, and people were grilling all kinds of meat. I strolled by and renewed old friendships...saw some people I didn't know(We only had about 100 graduate from my class yet there were hundreds of people at the reunion). Sandra and I were still together but we had to go to the back entrance to get into the huge place where the reunion was being held. The gate was locked, but we had a key, and unlocked the gate. People were happy to see us, and there were much smiles and laughter. Some of my African_American classmates were sorta sitting off to themselves. I went to where they were and begin to shake their hands, as I recalled their names, Jimmy, Artis, Ronald, Delia and others. Most of them appeared to be poor, left out , so I made them welcome. I then begin to sing the old gospel song, "I'll Fly Away, O Glory", and I took to the air and begin to fly...All of my black classmates were singing with me. I then came to the ground, and was against a wall praying. One of my African American women classmates came to me. I perceived that she was a prophetess as she laid her hands on me and begin to pray. While she was praying, she ran two of her fingers around my teeth and mouth, and I could feel the anointing of the Holy Ghost. I then dreamed that I was in the Army...about to go on a mission, and I was being properly equipped. Someone was even adjusting the straps to my field pack. In this dream, I felt confident, properly equipped and prepared for my next mission. I then woke up(around 2:30 AM this morning) and recalled this dream. This morning, the Lord had me read parts of Joshua (Chapter 8, and parts of Chapter 1 and chapter 5). Irvin L. Rozier, Captain (Retired), US Army aka walkin2e