Astrological Remedies

As every science, there is theory and its proofing. A very long experience has proved theories and practical aspects of Indian astrology. Practical aspects are the predictions and the recommendations and these recommendations actually are the remedial aspect. In Indian astrology, first of all the horoscope is analyzed to see actually what is the cause of the problem? Planets govern human life. In the horoscope of a person if planet is malefic, badly situated, combust, retroget or weak in any way, this can be harmful and may ruin the persons life. To curtail this malefic effect and to make planets benefic, certain time-tested remedies are suggested in Indian astrology. Only a competent astrologer must prescribe these astrological remedies to help and reduce the suffering of mankind since a wrong remedy may be harmful. Various astrological remedies are practiced described as below Gem Therapy Yantra Therapy Mantra Therapy Rudraksha Therapy Gem ThterapyIn Indian astrology, there are nine main planets and nine gems are associated to them. These nine gems are known as Navratna. Their substitutes are also available. There are many theories to practice Gem therapy but mainly Gem therapy is used to strengthen the planet whose role in the oroscope is positive but it is weak. In Ayurveda powder extract of gems are used to cure many diseases. Yantra Therapy this is very complex subject. There are different kinds of energy fields associated to different Gods. A yantra is visual representation of an energy field. These are of two-type (1) numerical yantra (2) geometrical yantra. Different yantras are used for different purposes. The yantra must be powered by mantras so that they can be used to please a god. These different energies or yantra have different powers to serve some special purposes as to win a court case, be successful in a business or carrier, to get name and fame, etc. Mantra TherapyIn Indian astrology, Mantras are used basically for two purpose. (1) To curtail malefic effects of the planets and make them benevolent. (2) To please the presiding God of a planet for example God Hanuman Ji for Mars, God Vishnu Ji for Mercury etc. mantras are the means to connect us to god. Mantra must be recited in a specified no of times to get a desired effect and must be learnt from a person who knows the wordings, melodies and other essential elements of mantras. Rudraksha Therapy In Hindu belief, the origin of rudraksha is from the tears of God Rudra, God Shiv Ji. God Shiv Ji wears rudraksha in his hairs, neck, hands even in his ears. Rudraksha heals many diseases like high blood pressure, jaundice, indigestion, disease pertaining to respiratory system, fevers and many other diseases. Rudraksha therapy is used in two ways. we can wear it as a mala or string in the neck. Wearing mala would provide us its medicional properties plus it would curtail malefic effects of bad spirits.Secondly we can take its powder extract as Ayurvedic medicine. (c)Copy right 2002-2005