Superultramodern Christianity and Satanic Sanatana Dharma

I hope this story of mine would be interesting and useful to intellectuals and religious people alike. I was born in a Hindu (Brahmin) family in Mumbai (Bombay), India. In March 2004 I came to Cambridge, England. Here I had a much better chance to explore Christianity. Now I have become a Christian. Yes, I have given up my old faith and religion (i.e. Hinduism) and have converted myself to Christianity, which I find much better on its moral, social, and cultural side. I should make it clear, very honestly, that my belief in Christianity (same as in Hinduism) is partial, not complete. I do not really agree with its metaphysical theses. I believe in Superultramodern Science (SS), which is my creation, and thus in the NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) theory, which is major part of SS. The NSTP theory, in short, says that the spatial world is a form of illusion to non-spatial mind. And all the possible experiences of Lord Jesus, for example, coming down for us are actually non-spatial feelings generated by some superhuman thoughts, which also exist in the form of non-spatial feelings. I became Christian in a chair. I admitted to the Lord that I had committed sin and prayed him to come and help me out. I felt good and now seem to have more strength in overcoming sin. I gave up Hinduism mainly because of its awful religious practices (e.g. Ganesha Utsava in India: please consult my article 'The Hindu Festivals: absolutely ridiculous, barbaric, and rubbish'). Also Hinduism appears to be racist and class-conscious. I think, if compared to other religions, Christianity is more peace-loving and human. How wonderful it would be for the entire world to be Christian, as there would probably be more peace and less conflict, at least on the religious grounds!