Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is the oldest wisdom found even in Atharva Veda 3000 B.C. back. Indian astrology is based on the relative positions of stars or planets at the birth time. Mainly the nine planets are supposed to influence the life of a person. These are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupitor, Saturn and two shadow planets Rahu and Katu. To predict life events of a Person the relative positions of these planets are determined and several charts and Dashas Are made and calculated. There were several Rishies who gave several systems to calculate & prepare these charts and Dashas. Prominent names among them are Parasher Rishi and Varahamihir and many others. It is quite difficult, even to study a system thoroughly. Predictions can be made only after preparing kundli or Horoscope. Kundli science has three parts. Ganit (Calculations) Phalit (Predictions) Rrmedies Ganit comprises of various calculations. Among them preparing charts calculating Dashas and many other calculations. Charts are Lagun kundli, Chander kundli, Navmans kundli Shodesh Verga kundli and Ashtak Verga kundli and other charts. There are almost 40 Dashas told by Parasher Rishi. Main of them are Vimsottary Dasha and Yogni Dasha. Phalit is the art of prediction. This is a divine knowledge, only a few can lern and practice it. It is based on accurate calculations of Charts and Dashas. Calculations can only be accurate if time of birth known is precise. Phalit is used to know various aspects of a persons life such as education, carrier, love & marriage, to find a suitable life partner (Match Making), to know an auspicious time to start a ceremony (Muhurat) and various other aspects. Remedies Indian astrology provides various remedies to counter a problem or enhance a particular aspect of life such as health, wealth, carrier, peace in married life etc. remedies are wearing gems and metals, mantra therapy, yantra therapy, rudraksha therapy, upvaas (fasting), Dan (donation), vaster dharan (wearing a certain color) etc.