Prophet Nutradamus predicted of the two greatest in Africa and Asia. This two greatest will form the two rivalry religious world powers who shall clash in the end-time(see Nutradamus prediction about Asaia and Africa). Also prophet Nutradamus also predicted the coming of great Indian spiritualist whose name will be related to the moon. Just as he predicted the coming of the young dark leader from Africa In the book of Revelation chapter 12, reveals the woman that was clothed with the sun(which is the church operating on Sunday) and the moon under her feet(which is the name associated with the antichrist who is to fight the church) and she gave birth to a man child one who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron( which means the church will produced an end-time biblical prophet who is to represent Jesus Christ his Lord on earth through whom the wrath of God will torch the earth prophetically implying ruling all nations with the rod of iron) and the moon under her feet( meaning the name associated with the anitchrist and using moonday as his day of rest just as the christains uses sunday as their day of rest) After that, a great red dragon appeared( that implies that the antichrist will emerge from a red colour race will be empowered by a red coloured dragon) and the woman flees from his presence to a wilderness with the wings of the eagles to be nourished for 1260 days (being the prophetic days for the child to be born just John the Baptist the forerunner of Jesus Christ who was spiritually nourished in the wilderness of Juda until the day of his manifestation to Isreal who announced the coming of the Mesiah; Luke 1:80); The red dragon was that accient serpent who deceived the whole world whose head was bruised on the cross of calvary and shall be bruised again in the war of Armageddon( being the moon under the woman's feet) through the false prophet whose battle was fought in heaven by Michael and his angels and was defeated by the blood of the Lamb; and the dragon vomited out flood to destroy the church but the earth swallowed it and went and made war with the rest of the her offerings which is the body of the end-time belivers all over the world. Below is the prophecies of Nutradamus of the great Indian spiritualist whose surname shall be related to the Lord of the Moon: Meaning of Diana is 'MOON' "The last but one, of the surname of Prophet, Shall take Diana for his day of silent rest, He shall wander far by reason of his raving head Delivering a great many people from imposition" The Revelation chapter 13 states the coming of the beast known as the antichrist from the sea which implies the Indian ocean associated with the red Indian spiritualist being the colour of the great red dragon from the Indian ocean. See below Nuradamus prediction about the Indain ocean religion: "Religion of the name of the seas shall come, Against the sect of cartifs of the moon' "This new religion shall spread the world over. It teaches a new acceptance of life - A kind of magic used as a launch pad to an experience of the divine. This suggests a concept of complete surrender to belief." Then still in Revelation chapter 13, states that they came another beast from the earth; this beast speaks like a lamb but excisces all the authority of the red coloured dragon; thus he speakes like a dragon; this implies that this Indian religious leader will manifest as Christ the Lamb of Gd but his source of power is from the red dragon. He came out of the earth not from the sea; which means his religion will have a strong hold in another foreign country not quite associtated with the Indian Ocean. The land must be found by the red coloured Indians who are the original owners of the United states of America known as the red Indians whose country is currently a world power; the lamb has two horns which implies the ruling world powers of the American and the Biritish The prophet of this Indian religion will force all religions to worship his god making his image and will clash with the bibilical prophet in the end times. The false prophet is still the same antichrist whose god will not be seen physically but shall make his image to be worshiped just as Jesus Christ the Lamb will not be seen phycically but in Spirit who is to figt the battle through the end-time biblical proiphet just as Elijah fought with the prophet of Ball NOTES ON NUTRADAMUS PREDICTON ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST Prophet Nutradamus got his sorce of revelation from the accient occultic/magical religion from Asia which is entirely different from the orthodox christain religion practice. God revealed himself to the prophet and send them messages without the invocation of any spirit to communicate with or the using of any object for a sorce of inspirqtion. Base his the none othodox Christian source of inspiration, those spirits of antichrist cannot project Jeus Christ in such media as it is in the case of Nutradamus but giving an overview of the coming world events.Therefore Nutradamus cannot project such Asian occultic/magical religion leaders as antichrist or false prophet being the souce of his inspiration since satan cannot fight against himself but intead projecting them as Jesus Christ who is to came again from heaven as one of those accient occultic religions masters. WHY THE THIRD ANITCHIRST MUST NOT BE A MUSLIM Below is the prediction of Nutradamus in respect of the Muslim antichrist: "Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed... He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He will be the terror of mankind. Never more horror" The above prediction is quite contrary to the end-time biblical predictions. The false prophets of Indain origins will project their masters to be worshipped as god even as far as making images of beasts which is being practiced in several Indian religions(See Revelation chapter 13 again) No Muslim spiritual leader will blaspheme the name of God and project oneself as GOD to be worshipped quite unlike the Asian occult religions; the Muslims even object that Jesus Christ is the Son of God but rather a prophet or messenger of God but project God as the most supreme and that none should compare himself to "ALLAH" and that "ALLAH" is too great to have a son. Therefore the Islamic religion never admit the worshiping of beast or images of any kind or worshiping any founders of their religion as Godhead unlike the Asian occultic religion. We the Christians belive that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who we all worshiped as God and as the creator of the universe (John 1:1-3) similar to the Asian kind of religious believes who also worship their religious masters as God. The muslim religion belief in Jihad that is the Muslims engaing in battle with another rival regious group in the spreading of Islam and not the Jihah of comiting sucide and killing several innocent souls on a none religions basis which is being practice by the muslim terrorist which is quite against the Islamic traditional practice. Through Jihad which means "HOLY WAR" Islam spread all over the world beginning with the Prophet Muhammed who was the founder of the Jihad movement But this days, do to political and economic reason not associated with religion, Islamic terrorist for fear of western military superiority, as they cannot withstand them in the battle field, now embark on "suicide scoured" which they interpreted as 'Jihad" which has lost several lives like the recent terrorist attach on the world trade centre of September, 11 2001 in which thousands of people lost their lives. The truth is that they are not fighting for the spreading of Islam which muslims recognized as Jihad because already Prohet Muhammed and his followers had already fought the Jihad in the spreading of Islam all over the world but are fighting the western powers because of political and economic reasons. Since the Muslim religion does not accept the worshiping of any image or masters, they will also be in position to fight against any imposition on them to worshiping any religious leader in the end-time regarded as a god or to worship his image. All form of terrorism will end when God will take control over the activities of all nations through the end-time biblical prophet and through which all the sons of Abraham namely, the jews, Christians and Muslims will unite together and fight the antichrist from those other religion as predicted in the books of the biblical prophets. For more information watch out on the next articles, titled "EVENTS WITHIN THE SEVEN YEARS OF PROPHET DANIEL" For enquies contact, the author at following email address: