According to Nutradamus, there will be no definite winner involving him and the supper powers but will set the stage for the antichrist to emerge. This means that the prophet is not going to fight and overthrow governments to rule but as a messenger of God, he only declare the degree of God as God worked through the Prophet Elijah, Samuel, Jeremiah, Isaiah ect who was given the scroll containing all the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets involving the end-times prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ and to teach the whole world again based on the revelations from the Holy Bible(Rev. 10:1-end) Prophet Nutradamus indicated that his ministries will Involve the prophecies in the Holy Bible particularly the middles east regions. Nutradamus was not given the scroll of the end-time bibilical events or programmes to reprophecy but was given a general overview of the end-time global events and so cannot give detailed report of the second coming of Jesus Christ for the fact that the end-time scroll containing the prophecies of the bibilical prophets sealed with seven seals was open in heaven by our Lord Jesus Christ the Lamb was restricted from viewing by any person even to read its content (Rev.5:1-5). This scroll was to handed over to the end-time biblical prophet to re-prophecy and re-explain them again to the world using the combined powers of Moses and Elijah to be clothed in sack cloth or clothed in the flesh of the blacks or as a dark young man according to Nutradamus(see Revelation chapter 10 to 11:1-13). prophet Balaam was used a none Jew in the days of Moses. The three wise men were informed known as the magi or astrologers during the birth of Christ. Prophet Daniel studied astrology in Babylon and was most famous in those days(Daniel chapter 1); most of the visions he saw were zodiac signs in astrology such as the vision of the ram and the he goat and made reference of the stars in his visions .Similarly, Apostle John in the book of Revelation saw the great red dragon, the woman clothed with the sun, the star that came down from heaven who opened the bottomless pit called Apollon ect most of them are zodiac signs and names. The book of Genesis chapter 1 says that the firmaments are for signs. Jacob predicted the Lio of Judah which the Lion of the tribe of Judah and Moses gave the zodiac sign of Joseph as the BULL (Gen. 49:7-12 and Deut. 33:12-17 KJV ) Prophet Goodnews of Joseph tribe was born on the 19th of May 1960, which Zodic sign is the "BULL" ministering under the anointing of the prophetic powers of Moses and Elijah since Joseph the BULL always play the forerunner rule to Judah the LION. Joshua of Joseph ribe captured the promised land before the reign of king David and King Solomon of Judah who built the temple. Prophet Elijah was of the tribe of Joseph occupying the land of Gilead which was occupied by the half tribe of Menasha and who was to come before the great day of the Lord (Malachi 4:4-6) Prophet Samuel was of the tribe of Joseph who anointed king David being the last judge of Isreal as a forernner to King David.(1st Samuel chapter 1). Prophet Micah predicted the birth place of Christ called "BETHLEM OF JUDAH"( Micah 5:2); who also predicted the coming of a great prophet among the tribe of Joseph on exile being the forerunner of Jesus Christ who shall retrun the tribe of Joseph to re-occupy the land of Basham and Giled like Moses who brought the children of Isreal out of Egypt with great signs and wonders. The land of Basham and Giled was occupied by the Joseph's tribe during the time of Joshua on their arrival in the promised land. The prophecy of Micah implied that another great prophet like Moses will be raised on exile among the sons of Joseph to retun them to the land of Basham and Gilead (Micah 7:14-end) Accoding to the scriptue, two nations came out of Rebecca namely, Jacob and Esau; Jacob represents the nation of Isreal and Esau generally represent Africa who later married a none Jew. Easu blessing was to have dominion over all nations but Esau out of frustration and hunger sold his blessing to Jacob although the blessing does not belong to Jacob but Esau wept bitterly when he discovered that Jacob had deceived his father and took his blessing. Esaus said to his father, "blessed me oh may father!!" and his father gave him one blessing who said that Esau shall one day regain his dominion and will from that day break the york of Jacob from his neck; meaning that the blessing of Esaus shall be retuned to him in the end-time being the time of restoration.(Genesis chapter 25 to chapter 27) Jacob later discoved that the blessing he took from Esau rested on Joseph who was sold to Egypt in Africa as a slave boy who became a governor in Egypt(Gen. See Genesis chapter 49). Although Joseph tribe retuned to the promised land during the time of Moses and Joseph yet Joseph and other tribe retuned to Africa finally and never returned who was among the lost ten tribe of Isreal of the Nothern Kingom conquered by the Assyrians. The Rivers State government owned news paper of Nigeria of 30 october,1994 page 4 was captioned 'JEWS HURGED TO RETRUN HOME" The publication indicated that, a call has gone to all the Nigerian Jews to return home adding that, one of the Jewish religious officials in Isreal by name Sharon Shadrack indicated that five Jewish tribes settled in Nigeria in 1721 from the middle east after the ten northern kingdom were conquered by the Assyrians; adding that Joseph son named Ephraim was among the five tribes that settled in Nigeria as Jews. There two most powerful royal tribes producing the great kings and prophets were that of Joseph and Judah; the tribe of Judah that settled in Ethiopian had been repatriated to Israel in the early "80s"called "OPERATION MOSES AND KING SOLOMON respectively when the nation of Ethiopia was trucked by severe famine. But the Nigerian Jews are yet to return. Probably the Jews searched for this two tribes to return to the land of Israel in other to fulfill the prophecies in Ezekiel chapter 37 which could lead to the emergence of their Messiah as world leader in the land of Israel among this two tribes. Prophet Habakkuk, predictted of the dominon of Esau in the end time through Joseph tribes on exile who bore the blessings of Esau as the vision implied who said, ' God came from Tema and the holy one from mount param; his glory covered the heavens and the earth was full of his praise.....the sun and the moon stood still at the habitation(as in the days of Joshua of Joseph tribe during their battle at Gibeon). According to prophet Habakkuk, God will use mighty waters to fights nations in the form of flood and tsunami through Joseph's Prophet as it was in the days of Joshua when the sun and the moon stood still as the vision of Habakkuk chapter 3 implied, within Esau's domain in Africa. The other name of Esau is Edom whose capital city is Temah and her mountain is called 'mount Param" Since Joseph tribe possed the blessings of Esau, they will for ever remain in Africa as their heritage whom his brethenl had already sold to Egypt as a slave boy. Since Joseph is always the forerunner of Judah in terms of leadership, Jesus Christ the Messiah they rejected and killed said ,for killing the prophets sent to you, your house is forsaken and disolate.. until you said, "blessing is he that cometh in the name of the Lord" and he said, "the kingdom of God shall be taken away from you and be given over to another nation..."(Mat. 21;33-46 & 23:57-46) Therefore, prophet Isaiah predicted the returning of Joseph' prophet to Egypt as implied who saved the Egyptians from the great famine and was made the governor of Egypt (Isa. 19:20). The book of Revelation 11;1-13, indicated that a new temple shall be built outside Isreal through Joseph's prophet to minister as prophet Elijah and Moses in the skin of the blacks (clothed in sack cloth; see meaning of sack cloth; Rev. 6:12) to appear in street of the great city spiritual known as Sodom and Egypt in Africa where also their Lord was crucified(implied as the new Jerusalem in which the poposed temple of Ezekiel shall be built). For all enquires contact the AUTHOR at the following email address;