Message: Below is the prediction of Nutradamus in respect of the African seer THIRD WORLD COUNTRY LEADER CREATS STRIFE A "young dark man" will arise as a leader in a Third World country; his main goal is to unite the other Third World countries to do battle with the superpowers. The area of conflict will be in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly around the Adriatic and the Caspian seas and the eastern Mediterranean. No definite winner will emerge but the strife will help set the stage for the Antichrist. Some prophecies in the Bible refer to events in this region ( Israel will be involved). Prophet Goodnews Adolphus earlier predicted the Tsunami and the hurican disaster in his prediction of 2004 which was published in the website of Reeds Neutical Almanacs in the month of July 2004 captioned " Message about the release of Sadaam Husain " and a copy of the message was sent to the White House, the CNN, BBC, VOA ec for a warning of the coming global disaster in respect of the release of Sadam Husain to go back and rule the people of Iraq now with the fear of God adding that God had pardon him of all his sins and if the U.S ignored this warning message will face the anger of God. The tsunami and the hurricane are lined together. The costal regions of Asia were affected by the Tsunami while the hurricane affected the gulf cost of the United States. In the predictions July, 2004, he indicated that, God's nuclear weapon will explode spiritually and will manifest in the form of great earthquakes (the tsunami earthquake) and shall affect other countries around the world. There shall be great flood which shall sweep the United States and will last for several days. It was later revealed that Prophet Nutradamus had also predicted the tsunami disaster that will strike from the Indian Ocean(see Nutradamus and the Indian Ocean disaster in search engines)while prophet Goodnews Adolphus predicted of the great earthquake and the flood that will sweep the United States. Since the prophecy of Nutradamus was shown to me in a vision as I stated in my prediction of 2004 it is now very evidence that Prophet Nutradamus had as well predicted of Prophet Goodnews Adolphus global prophetic ministries in the end times who shall come from a third world country as a "YOUNG DARK LEADER" who is to do battle with the Supper Powers; according to Nutradamus, the area of conflict will be the Eastern European and the Middle definite winner will emerge but the strife will set the stage for the antichrist and that some prophecies in the bible refer events in this regions and Israel will be involve. In the above prophecy of Nutradamus, the third world countries cannot gather themselves to do battle with the Super Powers in any manner rather the young dark leader will become their spiritual leader who shall use his prophetic office as it happened in the days of Moses when Egypt was at that time a world power. Similarly, prophet Isaiah predicted the coming of the African Prophet who is to liberate the oppressed Egyptians which represent the entire Africa (Isa 19:20). The book of Revelation revealed the coming of the combined prophetic powers of Moses and Elijah in Africa; meaning that an end-time global prophet is to minister under the anointing of prophet Elijah and Moses clothed in sack clothed(meaning clothed) in the skin of the blacks or as a young dark man according to Nutradamus. According to the book of Revelation, this end-time global prophet is to prophesy for 1260 days but shall be killed(literally ceased to operate for a while and to be re-enforced for the final battle of Armageddon like in the days of Samson); but the antichrist shall defeat him and his dead body shall lie in the street of the great city spiritually called "SODOM AND EGYPT " in Africa where his Lord was killed(meaning there shall be another Jerusalem in Africa in which the temple of Ezekiel shall be built since no prophet shall arise out of Israel as the Lord predicted whom they rejected and killed in Israel (Rev. 11:1-13) Prophet Nutradamus stated that the young dark prophet shall do battle with the supper powers and prophet Goodnews Adolphus had stated this global prophetic ministries since as far back of 1986 before the discovery of the second set of nutradamus prophecies late in 2004 which contained the prediction of the dark young leader. Prophet Goodnews Deinma Adolphus was born on the 19th of May, 1960 aged 45 at the time of writing this article started his prophetic ministry at the age of 12 being the fist son of a barren mother. At the age of 21 in his in his dream he spiritually appeared in a wilderness known to him as the wilderness of John the Baptist who ministered in the spirit and power of Elijah in Israel. In that wilderness, the heaven opened and the angel of God descended to him with a scroll containing several quotations of the prophecies in the bible to interpret and re-prophesy them to the modern world in respect of their fulfillment since those ancient names and places have changed in the end-time programme as preachers of the bible still focusing their attentions in those ancient names and places mentioned and in order to be kept abbess and to follow-up of the end-time events. Then in July, 1984, in a vision, the mantle of the prophet Elijah descended to me as a thick hairy blanket of rainbow color which dropped on the branch of a tree very lower to the ground and I picked it up. From that day I received the mantle, the vibration of the power in the mantle started affected my physical body like hot gases coming out of my eyes, ears and mouth and my eyes were opened to receiving visions from the holy bible being dramatize to me again to enable me have an indebt understanding of that particular passage of the bible which I use as a guide to teach using the modern understanding and explanations because most of those things I am hearing or seeing it for the frist time; I have not been told. The following are some of my past international prediction I have given from the scroll which have come to pass. THE LIBRATION OF THE OPPRESSED BLACKS IN APARTHIED SOUTH AFRICA Following Natradamus prediction about doing battle with the supper powers; my first international assignment was to fight for the liberation of the oppressed blacks in the former apartheid South Africa. The revelation given to me from the bible was 2nd Chronicles chapter 2:14-end in respect of King Jehoram who was plagued by a severe sickness according to the word of the prophet Elijah and that similar thing will happen to the apartheid minister who shall be forced out of his throne like King Jehoram. The message of the miraculous freedom of the blacks in South Africa was published in the National Concord news paper of Nigeria of 14 April, 1986 page 7. Similarly, prior to the then apartheid South African while minority election, P.W Pika Botha was forced to a sick bed who then unintentionally handed over to his deputy Deklerk who feed Dr Nelson Mandela from the prison and who also conducted a general election involving the black majority for the fist time in history of their country and Nelson Mandela became the President of the free democratic south Africa. The former apartheid regime was backed up by the world powers including the United States and Great Britain. CHINA FACES DOUBLE PLAUGES In 1986, it was reported that China being a world power, had been beating up the black students along their streets whom they accused of spreading the aid virus; many of the blacks and other Caribbean of African origin went to the their various embassies to obtain their visa back home. It was reported that china had been practicing racism against the blacks since many years ago. Then I cried unto the Lord to save the blacks facing such humiliation in China and the Lord replied that he will not spare China that she must be punished and after that they will stop maltreating your people. Since she is a world power I will deal with her as a world power so that the whole world will know that I am the Almighty as I worked with the prophets of old so I shall work in this later days. Then he show me a giant missiles; "I will sent this missiles to the far east Asia and shall explode and manifest in the form of great fire and tornado storm. Based on this revelation, I went to the national news paper and paid for the avert which read thus: "Strong message against South Africa and world events through John the Baptist sent as a saviour for the freedom of the blacks throughout the world.." issue of 2nd June, 1986 page 17. One year latter, The tragedy sucked; China was hit by a severe tornado and bush fire caused by lightening from the tornado which lasted for a whole month. China being the most populated country in the whole world could not quench the fire therefore called the whole world to come to their aid. The bush fire was quenched by the tornado rainfall which struck twice. This prediction came to pass on the month of May and June. The quotation given to me from the bible were Ezekiel chapter 20:45-49 and Jer. 30:23-24 THE EASTERN EUROPE FLOOD DISASTER OF 1995 According to Nutradamus, the young dark leader will do battle with the supper powers and the area of conflict will be the eastern Europe and the middle east. In 1994, France one of the world supper powers intimidated Nigeria who sent are military personnel and weapons to fight along side Cameroon during the Bakassi crisis; the whole world condemned the act including other supper powers such as U.S and Britain; .fear griped Nigerians as she was going to face serious battle with France and I prayed unto the Lord and he told me that, France will not attach Nigeria but I will fight for Nigeria; I will rain hailstorm and flood and submerged her which will affect other neighboring nations. I will remind the whole world of the flood of Noah. To proof to the whole world that I am the Almighty; this shall be her punishment The quotation given to me were Isa 28:16-29, Gen 7:11-12, 2sam 5;19-20, Joshua 10:11-13 and Deut. 29:23 The information was published in the Nigerian Tide News paper of 27 March, 1994 front page captioned, BAKASSI: PROHET WARS FRANCE. Then in February, 1995 the tragedy struck; there was three days and three nights heavy rainfall like hailstorm that lasted for three days and three nights making the Rhine river linking the countries in the eastern Europe overflowed and submerged France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Sweden all in the eastern Europe; tens of thousands of Europeans were forced out of their countries as a result of the great flood; it was the worst in the past 50 years according to press report and in other international media.