The Absurd Bhagavad-Gita

Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of Hinduism, is absurd as it is full of great many flaws. Some of them are stated and described below. 1. The baseless / unreasonable conception of self- Ref to Ch 13 Text 33: There is considered to be Soul which feels something. However, there does not need to be a separate entity that feels. Feeling of pain, for example, is itself sufficient for its existence. When I think I am feeling pain, this thinking itself is actually realised in the form of some feeling. 2. The absurd conception of rebirth- Ref to Ch 15 Text 8 & Text 9: A man, for example, may turn into a pig in the next birth/life because of his pig-like activities. However, a man and a pig are two very separate entities. Whatever that a pig enjoys or suffers can in no sense be connected to a man. In other words, it is absurd to think that a man suffers in the next birth because he has become a pig. There is absolutely no man in a pig to think that how bad that I became a pig in this life. The criticism of the conception of self discussed in point 1 strengthens this argument. 3. The conception of Brahman and Duality- If the world of appearance or duality is caused by Brahman, which is supposed to be a singular entity, there is an absurdity. If at point x duality arose from Brahman then before x there has to be duality as a singular entity cannot create multiplicity. There have to be at least two conceptually and physically distinct entities to produce something else. 4. Why God created duality if it is inferior, pointless, and moreover sinful ? 5. Satanic God ? There is evil in the world. (Ref to Ch 4 Text 7) If God did not cause it He is not almighty and if He caused it why ? Is it a game played by Him for His own entertainment? Then God is Satanic. 6. Ref to Ch 15 Text 8 & 9; Also Ref to the pictures in the book Bhagavad Gita as it is by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada: A woman acting like a tree and a man acting like a tiger in this life get the lives of a tree and a tiger respectively in their next lives. Now, the world is getting more and more hedonistic and materialistic which implies that there should be more and more trees and tigers in the world which rather contradicts the facts.