Making Merchandise of Christians - Prosperity Gospel Blight

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: 2 Peter 2:3a. The Apostle Peter makes this statement in his second epistle concerning those who will come to rake and deceive the believers into giving up their wealth, their goods and anything else they may possess. This warning is available to Christians the world over in their own Bibles, so why are so many of them still falling prey to the ravishes of every charlatan and modern prosperity gospel preacher that pops up on the circuit? Anyone who has read their Bible would have to concede in principle at least that it does say that God loves to bless his children. It also does promise that if we are giving individuals we should expect to have many wonderful blessings returned to us as a result. These promises are unquestionable. Christ said that if we gave that men would give to us good measure pressed down and running over, Luke 6:38. The principle here is not in question; it is the use, and or rather the misuse of this principle that causes all the trouble. Anyone trying to prove that the Bible does not promise God