Prayer Is the Key to Heaven

In today's modern world, high technology abounds anywhere. One such startling and awesome gudget I have seen is in the area of communications. Imagine, now you can call anytime and anywhere with the use of a cellular phone also called cellphone (sometimes also spelled as celfone). It used to be that this phone is too bulky and is very expensive that only the rich and the powerful can have one. Now, this phone has evolved to become technologically advanced too with its many features. You can even send text messages with it just like a pager. You can send photos with it. And most of all, you can even send videos with it. Some of the features also even include games in it, you can store important data, and of course, you can take pictures and videos with it. Today, some have gps (global positioning system) and can even be used like a walkie talkie or as a two-way radio. You can even surf the web with this. Isn't that cool? Despite, all its technological advances, there are also limitations. Most of all, you have to pay for subcription fees and pay for all the added extras with it. One such limitation is you have to pay extra charges for roaming. Roaming means that you use it perhaps in a different area or country where you have not originally been using it. You also have to pay when either receiving or sending messages or calling anybody. And that is another expense. Most of all, it needs recharging to have electrical power. Lastly, it cannot be used in places where there are no relay signals available. If adults are regularly using a cell phone, these are even much more a hot item for the youth. I have seen most of these being used by our students at the CFC Pathfinders Club in Los Angeles. Not only with our students but almost anywhere with the teens. I would like to compare this cell phone with a prayer. Prayer has been used for centuries by many people all over the world. Prayer is the medium of Christians to call on God. With prayer, there are no charges that may be incurred. No need to recharge your phone. You can pray while in the ocean or up above the air. And it is only prayer that can unloock the doors of heaven. All you need to do is ask God that you will have what you pray for, believe that you will receive it, and claim God's promises for you. These are the ABC's of prayer. -------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2005 by VMT Singuillo