Scary Statistics

Scary Statistics By Doug Perry I was wondering what to post today and received this today from a friend in Israel. I thought it was so good, I would share it with you. "THE UNARGUABLE FACTS" -by Doug Perry. [-Kansas City businessman] Forgive Us, God!! Big Government. Big Business. Big Oil. Big Tobacco. BIG CHURCH. The Church has become part of the problem. We're not living like Christ. Of course they think we're hypocrites - because we ARE! Forgive us, God. "Scarey Stats" We fully expect you to stomp away mad, but you might want to consider that our only effort here is to point out facts about how big the problem has gotten . This is a compilation of the scariest, most embarrassing, most shocking statistics and information about the Church and its affairs. Somebody is going to have to stand before Jesus one day and explain their role in this. We don't want it to be us - or you. We don't quote anything haphazardly without having good documentation and sources. The FACTS: 38 countries are primarily unevangelized. (i.e. 1.6 Billion souls) Assets of the Church: US Christians control TRILLIONS in assets while at any given time 200,000,000 Brothers and Sisters starve. 78 countries each have Great Commission Christians whose personal incomes exceed US$1 billion a year. Financial Fraud in the Church: Annual church embezzlements by top custodians exceed the entire cost of all foreign missions worldwide. Emboldened by lax procedures, trusted church treasurers are embezzling from the Church $5,500,000 PER DAY. That's $16 Billion per YEAR! {For reference: TOTAL Christian spending on foreign missions is only $15 Billion. God forgive us!} Criminal penalties against clergy in sexual abuse cases now exceed $1 billion, causing a number of churches, dioceses and denominations to be forced into bankruptcy. Wasteful Spending by the Church: 95% of all church budgets in the US are spent on our own comforts and programs. Less than 1% is spent on evangelism to the most unreached. 40% of the church