A DREAM OF A NEW PRAYER FOR AMERICA I dreamed this early this morning, 25 May 05. In the first dream I was talking to four American veterans of the Iraqi conflict. I was telling them I was a combat wounded veteran and I had spent two years in Iraq fighting for a great cause. These men were listening intently to me and believing everything I was telling them. I then gathered all four around me, looked them in the eyes, and told them the truth. I said I had fabricated my whole story, and the reasons for the war had been falsified. I saw the wounded look of betrayal in their eyes and on their faces. I then told them the purpose for my false story. I said,"You see, leaders in high places can tell you anything just to get you to follow them. Just like the blind leading the blind, both will fall in the ditch." I then dreamed this dream. I had parked my red Ford Crew Cab truck in a parking lot by a large city park. I walked away and when I returned to my truck, a saw that a thief had stolen my left(driver's) door, both left wheels and tires, and my radio was hanging by a few wires. I looked up and saw several other people who also had their vehicles vandalized by a thief. I then saw the thief surrounded by some of his stolen goods, in a small grove of trees in a city park. Other people, including police, politicians, and religious leaders began to chase the thief. The thief was too strong for them and could not be caught. I then ran up to the thief and shouted, "Stop in the name of Jesus!" He dropped to the ground like he had been hit by a baseball bat. He lay there and began to burn. He then called out to me and said, "I want to be born again. Will you pray for me?" I went up to him and although he was glowing with coals like a great log burning, he could talk and hear me. I said, "Do you want Jesus to save you?" He replied, "Yes." All types of people, including politicians, religious leaders and ordinary American people were gathered around watching this scene. I prayed (it was a real intense prayer in my dream..agony of soul and brought tears to my eyes...my face was wet when I woke). This is the prayer, "Lord Jesus, you see the heart cry of this precious soul. Reveal your love unto him, O Lord. You have said forgive and it shall be forgiven you. There is no sin too great for you to forgive. Too, O Lord, your love is so good and so great that even you can save at the last minute." Jesus then came and saved this thief's soul and he gave up the ghost. I looked around and there was a look of awe on everyone's faces. Someone stated, "That was the most beautiful prayer ever prayed. It is a new prayer for America!" There was not a dry eye in the crowd...everyone was humbled and touched by the precious presence of our Lord. I then woke up, and recorded these two dreams. Irvin