Proclaiming your Christianity in the digital age

There's no doubt that computers and the internet have changed our lives drastically. We can communicate with everyone, everywhere, in a way we could not have ever imagined just a few years ago. These technological innovations give Christians an overwhelming amount of new opportunities to spread the word of God. One of these opportunities lies within every Christian's grasp and could be utilized within minutes. Just take a look at the computer you're using right now: whether you're in a library, school, at work or home, chances are that you're not the only one using the computer you have in front of you. The first thing people see when they start up their computer is a desktop wallpaper, which most likely contains a tiled texture or a Windows logo if they have left it in the default state. You can replace that with an exciting picture with God's scripture on it, sitting their at your desktop, visible to everyone who uses your computer. Just visit a website that offers Christian wallpaper, such as , find the picture you like and click with your right mouse button on it to show a menu from where you can choose to set the picture as your computer's wallpaper. While it may already be very common to place your own picture as a wallpaper, it's still a very powerful yet underused tool for Christians to tell others about God's message. It will guaranteed raise some eyebrows, initiate conversations and encourage Christians and non-Christians alike. Gone are the days where you just stare at a boring Windows logo.