Joshian Problems with Christianity

A: 1. Jesus Christ claimed himself to be the son of God. 2. It's also said that God sent his only son (Jesus) to the earth for... 3. On the other hand, Jesus himself is believed to be God. Points 1 and 2 clearly suggest that God and Jesus are both conceptually and ontologically different entities. Thus point 3 is in contradiction with points 1 and 2. This contradiction could be resolved if the term God is meant to denote a form of species like the term Man. However, the term God is not at all meant to be a Species but rather a unique almighty entity, over and above everything in the universe. B: Where are heaven and hell located ? Up ? If yes, then after few hours they will be down, as earth is spherical and revolves around itself. C: What's the nature of mind, according to Christianity ? Is it spatial or non-spatial ? D: What's the mechanism or the way one goes to heaven / hell after death ? E: Won't even heaven be boring considering one has to live there forever ? F: What does God look like ? Is he like Man ? Is his sex male ? Does he do sex then ? If yes, with whom ? G: The image of God seems to be that of an extremely self-centered entity. He wants his children to love him. And if they don't he would think of it as a rebel and ultimately send them to hell, forever. H: Christianity advocates immovable as well as flat earth theories. I: People don't necessarily get punishments in accordance with their sins. For example, someone could be born orphan, disabled, etc. J: God, who is supposed to be eternal, created the non-eternal material universe. However, eternal cannot create anything. Because if it does then it is a form of process and thus non-eternal. Christianity must address these problems.