Name it, Claim it

You've heard the expression 'Name it, Claim it'. Though we'd first need to know the intent of one's heart, the phrase implies to the Christian version of a spoiled brat ... "I'm your child. You owe me!" It has been said that God is honor bound to do as He said He would do. That statement is more correct. But, first, what did He say? God will love us in at least as many ways as He did the people of old. But, we don't get to pick out our favorite verse, stomp our feet, and say, "I want it now!" To claim what God has named, we first ask Him to show us His will, to give us a promise, or whatever we need (to know His desire for our given situation). It could even be a Bible verse that touches our heart, wherein we can know that that is God's desire for us also (as our heart is where He dwells). Once we've heard from God, then we can claim it, in full assurance that God will bring it to pass. Our faith is not to be placed in our ability to have faith, to believe it enough, to command loudly enough. Our faith is to be in our God, who promised, who would never break His word; who will love us beyond what we have yet imagined. Our stand is not based upon who we are, but who God is. "The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations." Psalm 33:11 He names it. Then, you claim it.