Mel Gibson's "The Passion" Movie Review

Mel Gibson's 'The Passion' Movie Review by Lady Camelot Numbing, captivating, sorrowful, beautiful, profound, phenomenal and humbling - are just a few words to describe Mel Gibson's "The Passion." The last 12 hours of Jesus' life has never been so realistically and dramatically depicted. The scenes, although graphic are compelling and true-to-life. The most sensitive scene presents Jesus carrying the cross upon His shoulders. As He staggers upon the cobblestone walkway, Mary sees a flashback of their lives together. A mere child, Jesus falls to the ground and Mother Mary is there to help him, "I'm here," she says. A million miles away in thought, Mary runs to the aid of her now-grown Son-Of-Man, as He, too stumbles to the stony pathway. "The Passion" truly characterizes the meaning of "truth." There are no other words to describe this film other than it is "The Passion" of Christ. If anything, "The Passion" promotes absolute faith, forgiveness, love and hope - not only to God, but of humankind as well. Starring James Caviezel (as leading role of Jesus Christ), "The Passion," in my opinion, does not induce an anti-Semitic depiction of the Jewish people; rather, it is a deep and profound truth which Mel Gibson had courage to recreate for all the world to see. "The Passion" is playing in movie theaters everywhere. My advice is to view this movie with an open mind and open heart - the rest will follow. I rate this movie: 4 STARS (c) LadyCamelot 2004 Lady Camelot serves at the Public Relations' Director for To reach Lady, email her at [All work by author is copyright protected. If you would like to use this article, please contact the author for permission.]