Learning about horse breeds, common and rare, is fascinating and there's a wealth of information available for free on the Internet.

Your curiosity about horses and horse breeds will most certainly bring you to the Internet. In fact, the Internet is literally an A to Z of horse information. Websites such as Equiseach.com are like specialized online encyclopedias with hundreds of facts and listing about horses, horse breeds and anything else remotely related to horses.

When you think of horse breeds (or bloodlines or types) it is the Thoroughbred or the Arabian that comes to mind. The Thoroughbred is an English breed bred from Arabian horses imported to England in the late 16th century. These days in America, it is Kentucky that boasts the most Thoroughbred horse farms than anywhere else in the world.

Arabian horses are easily recognizable. They are well known for their affectionate temperament and bond very well with humans, after all this breed has been living with humans since 1500 B.C . They are friendly, agile and keen to work. The first Arabian was imported into America in 1725 by Nathan Harrison.

American breeds include the Standardbred (an excellent trotter and harness racer), the Quarter horse breed (bred for races), the Morgan horse breed (and intelligent and versatile horse for riding and work originating in Vermont) and the Appaloosa breed (a popular work and pleasure horse, which has also become a popular choice of sporting horse especially in dressage and jumping. This breed of horse is known for its distinctive coat coloring, which often includes spotting and mottled colors).

The Asian breeds, influenced by Arabian or Persian breeds, are small and relatively plain horses but known for their intelligence. Such breeds include the Tartar, Kirghis, Mongol and Cossack horses.

Lesser known breeds include the Kladruber, a strong harness horse, which originates from Czechoslovakia. The Braban