What is the largest breed of dog in the world. The Old Engli

The Old English Mastiff is the LARGEST breed of dog in the world .
.They can weigh anywhere from 110 pounds to the 343 pounds. Zorba,an English mastuff ,held the world record of the world's largest dog. Most Mastiff males weigh around 160-230 pounds and females around 120-190 pounds. The hight of a mastiff can range from 26 inches at the shoulder to 36 inches .
The Irish Wolf Hound and Great Dane can be taller then the mastiff , but do not match the mastiff for weight and over all size .
The mastiff is also one of the most powerful dog in the world . My friends mastiff "Abraham " was the top weight pull dog in North America in 2004 "PULLING 7300 POUNDS
More on this subject can be found at http://mastiff25.tripod.com/

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Sharon Medforth is a long time dog breeder and has been breeding and showing mastiffs for 10 years under the kennel name of Island West Mastiffs