Your choice of pet name is important. Here are some things to think about before naming your pet.

Your dog's name says as much about your pet as it does about you. There are literally hundreds of potential names you can give your dog, but it has to be the right one. Your dog will become a unique member of your family and his or her name will heard often. So, it's of vital importance to get it right.

Browse the Internet websites that are dedicated to dogs for dog name suggestions. You'll find ideas for female dog names, male dog names, cute dog names, even Latin dog names!

You choice of name can depend on one or more of the following categories:

1. Choose a dog name according to gender.

Do you have a boy dog or a girl dog? Maybe you want to choose a dog's name that reflects its gender. The most popular female canine names in the US today are Molly, Lady, Princess and Missy, to name a few. The most popular male canine names are Sam, Max, Duke and Rocky, to name only a few.

2. Choose a dog name according to your pet's physical characteristics.

Every dog, regardless of its breed, has certain unique physical characteristics. Every breed comes with its own set of physical attributes: coat, markings, color or size, but each dog is unique. Pinpoint the uniqueness in your dog and come up with a unique dog name that reflects your dog's singularity.

3. Choose a dog name according to your pet's character or personality.

As with physical characteristics, every dog has its own personality beyond the characteristics of its breed. Get to know your dog a little before you decide on its name.

3. Choose a dog name according to your pet's breed.

Do you have a German shepherd or Labrador? Do you have a Maltese Terrier or Poodle? These breeds are traditional breeds and we've come to associate them with specific types of names inspired by their appearance and pedigree. Golden retrievers are often called Sunny or Goldie. Pure breed dogs tend to demand more impressive names, while strays tend to be given cuter names.

5. Choose a dog name according to your interests.

You may be a classics scholar or a music lover. You may like fast cars or a certain world city. Maybe you want to choose a name for your dog that's related to the hobbies and interests that inspire your life. Maybe you read Horace? That's an impressive name for an impressive dog. Maybe your all-time favorite city in the world is Sydney? Then call your dog Sydney. This is one way of ensuring a unique dog name that has extra significance for you.

Remember: dog names should be no more than one or two syllables. They should not sound similar to other names within the family and should definitely not sounds like commands. Remember that the name will last for the term of the dog's life, so try to think ahead and be certain that the name you choose will suit the dog (and you) in the years to come.

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