Animals Benefit from Energy Healing

I learned about energy healing by receiving healings from a practitioner. When I tried to find my horse's chakras, I took my first steps to becoming a healer myself. Finding the chakras on my horse, Echo, was easy for me. Echo became my first client.

Energy work, energy healing, pranic healing, Reiki, and hands-on-healing are just a few of labels which describe similar systems.. I use Shamballa Multidimensional Healing because it offers the highest vibrational frequencies available on Earth at this time and focuses on empowering the client.

In a Shamballa session, the healer is a channel for Life Force energy, Unconditional Love energy, and Spiritual Light. By holding specific intentions based on the client's goals, the healer provides a safe space and an opportunity to release and restore balance at the cellular, organ and system levels of the physical body. In addition, limiting beliefs, blocked emotions, and karmic and dna patterns can be replaced with new ways of being. The individual blueprint for that person's or animal's body can be repaired and restored to the cosmic seed blueprint of perfection that was originally intended.

About a year a half before I learned about energy healing, Echo, my horse, came in from pasture with muscle spasms in her mid-back. Since I am telepathic with animals, I asked her what had happened. Her answer was like watching a moving picture in my mind. Two horses had chased her. As she ran up a slope on wet grass, her hindquarters slipped sideways and hit the ground, twisting her back. As a result, some vertebrae were stuck and the muscles were in spasm.

Echo was treated both with veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic, as well as gentle massage. While her body seemed to be restored to perfect health, there remained a soft lump on Echo's back at the spine right behind the saddle area. Two veterinarians said it was probably a cyst that would never go away. I observed it changing shape from time to time, but it did not get smaller.

Eighteen months later, I began teaching myself about energy healing by looking for the primary chakras in Echo's body. A chakra is a wheel or vortex of spinning energy shaped like a cyclone. When working properly, the physical body receives life force through the chakras and sends out energies it no longer needs. In humans and animals there are 7 primary chakras located along the spine.

You feel for the presence of a chakra by bringing your hand, palm down, in a sweeping motion towards the spine and then swooping back up again. As I moved my hand over Echo's back, I felt different sensations which helped me identify six of the seven primary chakras. Since I felt the energy, but did not see it, I used my hands to feel Echo's chakras at various distances above her body.

Echo's third chakra was located directly over the lump. As I felt the chakra three inches above her physical body, I noticed that part of it seemed higher than the rest, like a funnel within a funnel. I remembered seeing a drawing in Barbara Brennan