Five Puppy Training Tips

Here are five easy to use training tips for your new puppy.

1.) Chewing Problems - The most effective solution to a puppy chewing on something he shouldn't is to not discipline him, but to simply replace the object that he is chewing with a chew toy and then to raise him greatly for chewing on his chew toy. Positive encouragement is what a puppy will respond to the most.

2.) House Training - The easiest way to house train your puppy is to always take him out immediately after his meal. Wait for him to go. Once he goes, praise him greatly. He'll soon get the idea that going outside is the correct thing to do.

3.) Playtime - When you are thinking about getting a puppy, make sure you have the appropriate time to give to your dog. Estimated necessary time is about 10-30 minutes for eating (3 times a day), 10-30 minutes for a walk (3 times a day) and about an hour of playtime with your dog. Most people don't realize the amount of time that a healthy puppy will require.

4.) Dog Crates - Dog Crates can have a positive impact on both the dog and the owner. It'll give the dog a safe and secure area that is very close the "den" like atmosphere that dogs had in the wild. Once a dog is comfortable with a crate, it'll allow the owner to safely transport the dog and help to house train a puppy (they won't want to do business in their den).

5.) Hide The Chocolate - When getting ready for halloween, make sure you keep the candy out of reach of the dog, especially chocolate. Chocolate is very dangerous to a dog. It can make the dog very very sick. If you suspect that your dog has eaten chocolate, you should your veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.

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