Listen Up to Raise a Great Pup

The cute, loveable puppies you see prancing down the street with their owners has got you thinking. You want a puppy. You want the unconditional love and happiness that caring for a puppy can bring. However, you are not quite sure where to start your quest to find the perfect puppy. Friends and family have told you that different types of dogs are appropriate for different life styles. How can you figure out how a puppy will fit into your life? It is as simple as listening to the following audio books and podcast for guidance.

You might be tempted to buy the first puppy you see and not take the time to prepare yourself for the process. You could spend time reading books on various puppies, but why not listen to advice from the experts instead? You can listen to dog related audio books when you are commuting in your car, riding on the train, or walking in the park. You could even head down to your local dog park and listen to the audio book while you observe the behavior of many types of dogs.

Begin your pooch quest with the audio book, "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by The Monks of New Skete. This audio book provides guidelines for every stage in the puppy raising process from adopting your puppy to watching them grow into healthy adult dogs. This comprehensive guide details how a puppy can fit into your life and the proper care you should engage in to keep your puppy in peak spirits.

After you have learned the physical aspects of raising a puppy you can explore the mind of your pooch. Check out, "The Hidden Lives of Dogs" by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. This audio book discusses the ages old mystery of how dogs think. Do they dream? What goes on between their perky ears and black noses?

Any dog aficionado loves to listen to amusing dog stories. Listen to "Tales from the Barkside" by Brian Kilcommons. Delight in stories about the love and courage of dogs as told by two dog trainers. As a new dog owner you will create stories with your dog that will unfold as you bond. The relationship between pets and their owners is strong and at times moving.

You have the comprehensive dog guide, understand the mind of your potential puppy, and have listened to amusing stories by dog trainers. This information will help you to become a wonderful dog owner. Why not add to your inventory of knowledge weekly by listening to the "Pet Talk Radio Podcast" by Dr. Harry Cooper? This show originates in Australia and can now be heard around the world. Listen about many different pets for fun and entertainment.

Have your puppy listen to these audio learning resources with you or at the very least snuggled up to your feet while you listen.

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