Pet Professional Software Article

How do I, my clients, and employees access the software system?

Do I have to enter in all my existing client data?

What's the difference between the prepaid and auto invoicing system?

How do I use/setup the merchant system that's integrated into my system?

The remainder of this article will discuss and answer each of the above mentioned questions. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at or call us directly at 312.432.0710

Q: How do I. my clients, and employees access the software system?

A: Upon successful completion of your pet pro account setup, you will receive an email giving you the target links for admin, client, and employee access. We suggest that you create links (or buttons) for only the client login and new client form (if you're using it). Adding the others might confuse your clients as to where/how to log into their accounts. If you did not receive this email, or you accidentally deleted it, please contact us at and we will resend it you.

Access for your clients and employees is controlled through the admin. Make sure that the "active" checkbox is selected in the users account info. This checkbox gives you the ability to toggle access on and off for the individual user.

Q: Do I have to enter in all my existing client data?

A: The answer is no. If you have the data in MS Excel we can upload it for you; saving you time and effort! Note: programs such as quickbooks will allow you to export data into an excel file. Not all of the fields can be populated automatically, only the fields in the "owner info" section can be uploaded.

Q: What's the difference between the prepaid and auto invoicing system?

A: The prepaid and invoicing systems are two billing/accounting options that are built into the pet professional software system. You may choose to have certain services managed by the prepaid system and others by the auto invoicing system. The prepaid system allows you setup packages (prepaid rates) for your clients to purchase (ex: 5 walks, 10 walks, etc). Clients can purchase these packages directly through their accounts. Pet Professional manages these balances automatically and notifies the clients (also copies the admin) when their balance is low (alerts go out at 1, 0, and -1). Every time an admin or employee marks a prepaid service "complete", one is subtracted from the user's prepaid available balance.

The auto invoicing system can be run in parallel, or by itself. Once setup with frequency (Manage Site --> Manage Automated Invoice/Billing System), the auto invoicing system will generate invoices for all (non prepaid) services rendered during the date range. Each invoice can be sent to client, posted to their billing area, and auto billed. The auto billing is done (again on frequency you setup (net terms). The billing process will run all the outstanding invoices that due against the credit card on file for the individual client (note: all credit card data is stored using TFG Brands secure certificate).

Q: How do I use/setup the merchant system that's integrated into my system?

A: This may also be found in the quick links section of the admin (home). Payments for invoices or prepaid services made by your clients require a Merchant and/or Paypal account to process successfully. We suggest that you acquire both, providing multiple options for your clients.

Paypal business accounts can be setup by going to:

Your Pet Professional account is setup to take payments using Authorize.Net without any additional programming. All you need to do is fill out the application (click here) and follow the instructions for faxing to our account representative (Wade Olcott) at Authorize.Net. This process usually takes between 1-3 business days to complete. There are initial setup fees (paid to Authorize.Net) that apply. They will be in contact with you to finish the account setup.

Once you complete the setup for both accounts, you will need to go into your account (via the admin view) and select the payment type(s) checkbox you now accept (i.e. Authorize.Net and Paypal) and fill in the corresponding account information. This will activate automatically in your Pet Professional account and your clients will be able to purchase services online.

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