Preventing Diseases Passed From Animal To

Zoonoses is the term applied to a grouping of diseases that are transferable from canine/feline to human. Basically, these fall into three groupings based on their means of transmission. This also groups them, ideally,in the means of treatment and control. The three groupings are as follows -spread through :1) urine or feces, 2) hair and skin contact, or 3)bites and scratches.

Spread through Urine or Feces


Hookworms enter the body in the area that directly comes in contact with the feces-contanimated soil. Seen more commonly in the South, these parasites are unsuited to ideally live in human beings. Traditionally they die after crawling several inches underneath the surface layer of the skin. Inflammation usually occurs as a result of these parasites in humans and causes a condition called