Aliens in Archaeology
A Little Summer Reading
Ambassador Walrus Mustache
Amendment One Vote NO
Don't Monkey With Morality: The Human Cloning Debate
Shadow Parker does it again
America We have a Problem
American detained in the Russian Compound
America's Dirty Little Secret
Americqa, Jihad is Coming!
An expert opinion about government
Anarchism for a Post-modern Age
Selecting the best candidate for the job!
Socialism and Capitalism in the United States.
It's The Law
It's Time for Government Reform
Jay Hammond, Alaska Governor and Creator of the Permanent Fu
Jefferson to Stalin - Corporate CEOs
Jesse and Al should read this!
The (unwinnable) Federal War on Terror & Support for Israel
John Kerry Won the Election... Or so Says Harvard University
John Roberts and Madalyn Murray
Joseph Brant and The Hegelian Dialectic
Just how democratic is the Middle East getting?
Colin Powell`s "James Bond"
2 Moms and a War
The reasons for my low self esteem
5 Tips To Keep Happy ... Even In Wartime
Hurricane Katrina
Unfolding the Alexa Mystery!
What You Should Know About Medicare
A Chat with Saddam
A Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery
(catching up wit
A Clear Direction After Election Day
A Common Sense Approach To Religious Freedom
A Guide to Election Night for the Non-Political Junkie
Quick Strategies For Writing Your Essay Under Pressure
A Letter of Congratulation to George Bush
Are The Search Engines Censoring The Internet?
A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)
A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part II)
A month in the life of the drug war
A National Sales Tax: The Time is Now
Jihad and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mindanao
A Strategic Fifth Column
A Tale Of Mythical Proportions
A War within a WAR
A Website Link That Should Be On All Websites
A Workable Alternative to Term Limits
A Guide to Creative Writing That Sells
Abuse occurs when ordinary people control prison inmates!
Accountability In Government
Acne Program - Step 4: Adding Essential Fatty Acids To Your

Adolph Eichmann
Adolph Hitler (Shicklgruber)
Africa -Where's the Profit
African Aid
After the latest and accurate help with reference to divorce
Against Gnosticism: Why the Gnostic Christians were not Chr
Aid for Africa?
AIDS - Black ops work
Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami, 1964
How To Find Freelance Copywriting Jobs
Ann Coulter vs. One Billion Arabs
Can Newbies Repair Their Search Engine Listing?
Apologize for what?
Are American Twins - Majority Rule and Public Opinion, somet
Are Black Republicans Selfish?
Are Fidel Castro's Days Numbered?
If Seals Can Sing, Why Can't You?
Brainiest Californians, In Richest Housing Market, Make Cost
Arnold's office refuses to comment
Art That Talks - Tapart Real News and Issues
Assault Weapons Legal
August 6th PDB: Smoking Gun or A Dud ?
America, as we Love it
Back In Time
Five Surprisingly Hip Political Ideas From Plato
Banana Republic - United Kingdom
Banishing Immigration Newspeak
Press Release

Barefoot Coffee Roasters
Barenboim, Fleming, Terkel and the Fighter Jets
A Review of Verizon DSL
A Guide To Worldwide Internet Access
Be a Carenter for Uncle Sam - Part 1
Be a Carenter for Uncle Sam - Part 2
Iraq _ The American Graveyard
Between Hiroshima Japan 6 August, Nagasaki 9 August and the
Bloody People - A Right Royal Fiasco
What Is VSAT Broadband?
Bring Peace to Iraq
Bully for prohibitionists
Bush Administration Set to Change Environmental Laws
Alive and Kicking - Hussein Smiles as the Caliph of Muslims
Bush Panders America's Kids to Saudi Pederasts
Bush refuses to back down
Herbs to help with menopause
Bush Victory: A Defeat for the Have-nots?
Bush vs. Kerry -- Negative Campaigning
Bush's Mental Health Program Endangers Children and Will Ban
Bush's Second Term! A Chance for More Wars or A Stable Peace
Best Way To End Terrorism
Saddam and Ben-Laden - Friends or Foes?
Canada Standing Still on a Downhill Slide
Use This Visualization To Help Hurricane Victims
Ben Gaunt Releases New London Crime Thriller,
Changing The Tone
Chasing Shadows! A Dream
Comparing MP3 Players
Child Protection Bills Lose, Yet You Still Can Do Something
Chile Completes Its Transition To Democracy
Project For A New American Century
Cindy Sheehan
Club of Rome and Education
Book review-"Dracula" by Bram Stoker
Collective of Concepts to Better Understand your Public Admi
Collins Powell`s "James Bond"
Nosy and Intrusive Spyware applications.
How to Obtain a Patent: The inner-workings of the U.S.
Conflict in Jerusalem
Connecting Condi to Edith Bunker
Conseco, Congress, Sports and the Steroid Scandal - Is Congr
Conservatives Should Consider The Libertarian Party
Counter Intelligence. Accurate words to describe our dealing
Observing the Protocols: HTTP, WWW, URL and HTML
Trade-Off - Vaccine Maker Profits = Autism
Cult De-Programming?
Part 2: 5 More Pay Per Click Tips
Custer and Keogh (Lincoln's Assassination too)

Dangerous ideas?
De Gloria Olivae : the mission of the next Pope
Society is wrong about Prohibition!
Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey c
Democrats Can't Win
Sneaky (But Legal) Places To Insert Keywords For Hig
Democrats - Where to now?
Discrimination against Voting Taxpayers
Divine Right of Capital
Do you Believe in Astrology?
The Importance Of Healing The Past
Domestic Terrorism Versus National Militarism
Don't cry for me, Christiana
Don't expel Jews from Gaza!
Don't Trade Rights for Security
Doorstops and Paperweights
Downing In The Mainstream
Battling Internet ADHD: Ten Tips for Writers
Dubious Democracy
Earthquake Diplomacy
Edward Abington: political prostitute
Electable Ralph
Eliminate Property Taxes & Public Schools
Dear Avi, Did Arabs Have to Pay for Your Suffering?
End of the World | Predictions Prophecies how and when
Enquanto isso no Brasil...
Bush - Labeling Kids Mentally Ill For Profits
Eurovision Song Contest - End this Embarassment
Everything's All Right in the Middle East
Excerpt From An Iraqi Citizen's Blog
Expel Arabs - not Jews!
Fact to Fiction: The brutal truth about the practice of ston
Facts About Tsunamis
"Fahrenheit 911" Wins Round One
Fair Tax for Free People
Famous Filibusters in Our Political History
Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom
Fascism - The Tensile Permanence
Feminism - How the left uses women...
Feeling Squeezed by Political Correctness
Fiction Imitates Life
Find An Enemy
Hollywood Humor: John Wayne Took The Good With The Bad
Follow the Money
Former Terrorrists Getting into Government need Time, not Go
Franchising Democracy and Creating Cohesive World Government
Fraud - Museum of Civilization (?)
Freedom for all species and people, and freedom of stress; i
Freedom, Independence. What Does it Mean to You?
Friday the 13th . . .
G8 to discuss world debt while Scots lack basic financial un
Get Government out of Schools & Businesses
Talk Radio: Chest Thumpers Anonymous
Giving the power back to the people
Global/Israeli Corruption!
Gods 401k plan
Goethe Confesses
Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander
Government is discriminating against Taxpayers
Government schools vs. parents' rules
Perform Random Acts of Facilitation
Bad Credit Does Not Mean You Are A Bad Person
$130 Billion Medicare Rip-Off
Highest Law an Introduction
Highest Law...conclusion
Highest Law...lesson one
Highest Law...lesson two
Hillary Clinton: Democrats Are Betting On the Wrong Horse
History of the Media
Hit and Run Drivers
Armenian Filmmaker Contributions Reach 60K
How Bill Cosby Got iy Wrong
How Disabled Veterans Can Win Government Contracts
How dogpoo can change the world
Why our Nation's Communications System Needs Urgent Overhaul
How The Republicans Stole The 2004 US Election
How the Weapons Disappeared by George Bush
Science Fiction and World Peace Put Together
The Importance Of A Website Copywriter
7 Keys to Writing a Children
The Protocol of Peace - A Poem
Music Therapy: Can Music Really
How to Tinker With Social Security Correctly
How To Tinker With Social Security
Why Dual Citizenship Can Be a Double-Edged Sword
Howard Dean, Extortion, Bribes and other problems
Nagin's Naggin'
Who Really Hates Our Freedom
How To Avoid Scam Artist When Donating To Katrina Relief Eff
I Can't be a Woman...
I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy
I LOVE Howard Dean
I Pity Nigeria
I Want To Be A Republican
Ideological Imperialism
IDF removes the gloves against Islamic Jihad Reports on Today
Illegal Immigrants
I'm conservative, s/he's liberal
Immigration Business
In Gratitude
Interview With A Former ACLU Lawyer
Invisible Slavery System - I
Invisible Slavery System - II
How NOT to make it in the pop world
Irish History , Irish Politics ...
Is india really independent?
Is it Possible to Appease Evil?
Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel
The Attack On The Mail Order Brides Industry (Part One)
Kahane was right!
Karen Hughes---and My Global Struggle Against Violent Extrem
Karen Hughes Invents The Blame Game
Katie Collman: Another Victim of the War on Drugs
Keeping Below the Radar
KVB: Whoever Wins, We Lose
The 'Secret' To Website Success Revealed
Left and Right in a Divided Europe
The Apprentice Season 4: More Class, Less Profanity
Lessons from Hurricane Katrina
Let's Restrict the Definition of Marriage for Straights
Liberals Still Don't Get It
Lies, Damned Lies
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Higher Taxes
Listen My Children And You Will Hear.
Live 8 - will it work?
London School of Economics
Love Prisons (from Prison Series)
9 Quick Ways To Conquer Cellulite
Luck or Providence? (B)
Luck or Providence? (C)
Luck or Providence? (D)
Luck or Providence?
Lyndon Johnson - The Day After Dallas
M.A.D. About Nukes
Make Your Vote Count
'Manufacturing Consent' and Hypnosis
Marilyn Monroe and Mary Jo Kopechne
Marx Without Marxism? A Study of Karl Marx as an Influential
Me and Mao Tse-Tung!
Meet The New Kerry, Same As The Old Kerry !
Mexicans: Criminal Infestation or a lot of Hype--Part One
Mexicans: Disease-Ridden or a lot of Hype?
Mid-East Oil Reserves and the War on Terror.
Mike Did.
Moazzam Begg - Guantanamo Bay
Modern Day Pirates
MORAL ARMOR'S Counterfeit 911: Refuting Michael Moore
Moral hypocrisy of god-fearing politicians exposed
More Iraq Ramblings
Morgan, Lafitte and Merovingians
Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and St
Mortarless Bricks: The Wavering Walls of Globalization
Moving America Backwards: Censoring Michael Moore
Moving Day in Gaza?!
Murder As Government Policy
My, Too Cumbersome!
My Two Cents--Did You Exercise Your Voting Muscle?
7 Ways to Avoid Charity Fraud
National Day Of Appreciation For The Human Spirit
National ID cards have more than Australians concerned
New Orleans My Home - Katrina My Nightmare
No Boondoggle to Tie Foreign Aid to Recipients' Core Values
No Cost American Citizenship
No Cost Canadian Citizenship
No One Expects The Inquisition
No, Thank You! America, Go Home!
NoInvaders.Org Proves to be "Interesting" and "Useful" in it
World War 3 | Nostradamus Prediction when shall it be
Not about Black and White
Nothing to Fear
O Fim dos Conflitos
O Futuro do Brasil
Obvious often means overlooked
Of Snakes and Terrorism
Ohio Mosque Promotes Murder
OK! Now I Am Ready To Close Gitmo!
Olympic Aspirations
Stag Party
Online Copywriting vs. Writing Copy for Print
Osama Swings Election
Our Credit On The Latest Economical Move Of The Government
Our Judicially Created Banana Republic
Our taxes going down the drain...
Over 1,000,000,000 Children are at Risk
Pakistanis' future in US
'Palestinians' abuse goodwill to attack Israel
Grandpa's Pond
Paradigm Engineering and History
Instantly Pinpoint Your Political Identity
Peace Starts With The Mirror
People say
Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body
The Prison Mirror (part of Prison Series)
Pictures! Of Mayor Daley!!!!!
Plato to Bushco
Polarize This!
Politicians Discover Sex and Violence in the Media -- Again
Politicians need reality check
Politics and Masons (Druids)
Politics in New Jersey
Politics Not So Sweet in Home Alabama
Pope John Paul II, The Right Man at the Right Time
Pork Barrel and The FED
Imperial Overreach
President Bush rewards terrorism!
The Storyteller Volumes I and II offer supernatural tales in
Protocols of Sion #1
Protocols of Sion #2
Protocols of Sion #3
Quanto custa o Social do Brasil?
Que Brasil
Real Power
Redefining Insurance Fraud: On Managed Care
Reflecting Independence
reflection of american muslim
It Could Have Been Me- But For The Grace Of God
Hurricane Discrimination
The Mystery Surrounding The Hangman
Rent - A - Pundit
Republican/Conservative Hate Members of the Media
Return to Ouvea, New Caledonia
Right, Right Back At Ya!
'Road Map won't work cause PA are liars'
Ronald Reagan: Hero or Villain?
RSS meet targets Advani
Censoring Adults in order to protect Children.
Saddham Hussein: Not Yet Uhuru
Same Sex Marriage: Legislating Morality
Save America, Vote for Anyone but Bush!
Schiavo: The Final Chapter
Screaming Hunger In Niger
Science and ethics: will they clash violently again?
Se gritar Pega Ladr
Self-Sabotage - Are We Prisoners of the Past?
Seeing Blue, Feeling Blue
Get Mercury Out Of Vaccines - NOW
HITLER'S POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY...Unleashing the Patriotic Ch
Serfs had it better
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son & Woodrow Wilson
Seventy Two Raisins
Sheik Palazzi expresses solidarity with David Ben-Ariel
Shoot to Kill
Should Felons Have Guns?
Six Sigma can Improve Government Practices
Snow in Alaska? -- You'd Be Surprised
Social Security Rant
New Economy Backers Lust for That Old-Fashioned Clout
Life 101 For the Young and Young at Heart! Book Excerpt
Some truly frightening statistics regarding economic freedom
Spies inside Religions
Tim Berners-Lee: A Tribute
Useful Suggestions for the Home-Based Business Novice
staffordshire bull terriers
Stand Your Ground Mr. President We're With You !
Steel Tubing Tariffs Prove that NAFTA Still Needs Work
Stopping Taxpayers Monies
The Blame Factor
Sudan: Submitting the Criminals to The ICC!
Your local town trustees: keep watch on them
Taking back America
The Internet and Tom Robbins are both windows into new reali
Taxpayers can't afford anymore Welfare & Illegitimates
Ten Thousand Fugitives and the Beach Boys
Terri Schiavo Dancing
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front: Another Terrorist Group?
Texas Cheerleaders Beware.
The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Addr
The 40% President
The Administration's Hidden Teenage Graveyard
The American Economy
The Animal Rights Summit
The Apartheid Wall Saga Continues
Do You Want To Be A Newbie Forever?
Earning Extra Income as a writer
Check Mate for Writers
The Bogside Artists Newletter Issue 1.
The Bush "There Or Here" Fallacy and the War in Iraq
The Capture of Saddam: Great News for Americans and Iraqis,
Fitness Workout - Exercising the Present Moment!
The Case For Terri Schiavo's Right To Live !
The Chinese Bin Laden: The terrorist leader China forgot Small Investment, Big Payoffs
The Commander in Chief's Bold Surprise Iraq Visit: Happy Tha
The Conundrum of World Improvement
The Crucifixion and Escapism: Theories of Karl Marx and Mir
The Dawn On The Nile Valley "Has" Secrets To Tell!
The Declaration of RE-Independdence
The Decline of the American Economy
The Democratic Ideal and New Colonialism
Fair Tax for Free People
The Disunited Nations
Spyware: The New Cancer
The Freemasonic Order of the Golden Circle
The Good Citizen
The Greater Good
The Greatest President Ever...
The Hegemony (Church and State)
The ID Card Revolution
The Illusion of Democracy
The Immorality of Guarantee Issue Health Insurance
The Impeachment of the President of the USA - Part I
The Impeachment of the President of the USA - Part II
The Impeachment of the President of the USA - Part III
end of the world prophecies
The Internet Right
The Inverted Saint - Hitler
The Iraqi Election
The Ironies Of MASH
The Last Eclipse
US in for a long haul in Iraq?
The Malice Of Corporate America
the man who could not say sorry for his sins
The Media Shares Blame For Katrina Deaths
The Middle East: Prior Claims?
Professional Killer - A Poem
The National Tithe
Beware of Abusive Authority
"The Number One Answer is Search Engines..."
The ninth amendment: It's cool!!
The Opposition?
The Politics of Freedom
The Possibilities for Anarchy (I)
The Possibilities for Anarchy (II)
The Potential Conundrum of Regulating Pay-TV
The Power Behind Words...
The Price of Loyalty
The Prison Mirror (part of Prison Series)
Battling Tough Spyware Applications on Your Computer
The Project For a New American Century!
The Anti-Inflammation Zone
The Purpose of War
The Renaissance
The Repercussions Of Bringing Former Terrorists To Mainstrea
Professional Writers Learn To Manage Their Emotions
The Roots of Anti-Americanism
The Sikh British Army - VE Celebrations Birmingham
The Story of the Star Spangled Banner
The Superultramodern Universal Communism (SUC)
The (Not So) Shocking Truth About Getting A High Sea
The Conspiracy!
The Tragedy of Cyprus -rescue by US marines of FBIS staff in
The True Power of Terrorism
The U.S. Congress Sends Mixed Message On Indonesian Military
The Ugly American Returns
Evolution of Books
Killer Comedy - Truly a Mob Hit
The World Bank and the Spread of the American Empire
The World Mourns the Loss of Aid Workers Marla Ruzicka and F
Thirty-Thousand On A Toilet Seat?
This time, they've gone too far
Three cheers for the Patriot Act!
Three of President Bush's failures in his first term
Throwing Caution to a Very Ill Wind
Throwing in the Towel
Non-religious Americans put lobbyist in Washington - Former
Time for Reform of Politicians
Autism, ADD, ADHD - Vaccine Related
Only In America
To Serve - Or Not
Towards a Strategy of Prevention
America, Jihad is Coming!
True or False? A Crash- appraisal of the American logic in t
Turkish court denies 1000 european plaintiffs the lawsuit ++
Turn The Clock Back . . .
How you can Help Prevent Identity Theft
U.S. Passport Primer: A Guide to the New Passport Regulation
U.S. Postal Service Carrier Pickup from Home or Business
U.S. Postal Service Click-N-Ship
U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation
U.S. Postal Service Mail Bag - Q & A
U.S. Postal Service Products & Services for your Home Busine
U.S. vs Militias and Gangs
UK Elections on the Horizon
Uncle Saddam
Understanding Eusibius
Uniting Americans
US Government Recognizes 'They Slew The Dreamer'
What it really means to be Patriotic!
US Marine Kills Unarmed Iraqi
USCIS (INS) continues to expand online InfoPass service.
Guarding your Computer from Silent Spy Ware Bots
The problem with "Fad" diets
Usually Cruel
The People's Guide to Pay-Per-Clicks
Vacation, Uninterrupted
Vice President?
Visa for David Ben-Ariel
Vote any Third Party
Voters are to Blame for Bad Politics
Washington D.C., the White House
We are Going to Live on Mars
We Can Change the World
We Must Go to War
Wealthy Countries Richer
Animated Humanity
Catching Spyware to Avoid Identity Theft
What Are the Inspectors Really Looking For?
What are they saying now?
What If TV News Had Covered D-Day?
What is a Mesothelioma Lawyer?
What Is The Difference Between a Pacifist and a Victim?
What Is The Filibuster All About?
What is the Filibuster-Busting Nuclear Option?
How Do You Habitually Treat Yourself?
What's With These Apologies?
When A Chickenhawk Squawks
When the Levee Breaks, a selfish look at the financial effec
A Simple way to remember your daily pills
Who Does A Conservative Vote For ?
Who is the best qualified candidate for the job?
Who Really Runs the U.S. Government Today
Who will be an American hero
Whose Values Are They Anyway?
Link Popularity for a Successful Website: How (Not&#
Why Democrats Lose Elections: They aren't dumb. They're asle
Why do the Republicans keep bringing up seatbelt laws?
"Why Do They Hate Us?
Checking for Spyware on your Hardrive.
Why The Left Is Falling Apart
Will they sterilize vagabonds and drunkards in Belarus?
The Joys of Address Labels
You just can't polish a turd!
Your Government at Work: Gitmo Torture and Beyond
You're Fired!
Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?
42 Years Later: Remembering JFK
Politics: The Corruption Curve
Thousands of Failures, but Thousands of Patents
True American Patriot
No Matter What America Does The Rest Of The World Will Never Like Us
A new science for a new climate
Fast Food : No Legal Recourse
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
The Honorary Academic
The Caveman and the Alien
Middle East Peace Is An Oxymoron
Democrats Versus Republicans, The Battle Is Almost Over
Delta Force to New Orleans
Alaska Drilling. Is it Necessary?
How to Deal with the Price of Gasoline
Mr. Bin Laden: Tear this Wall Down
Attention Democrats
Newspapers And Political Bias
Katrina Questions - Anyone Got Answers?
America Beware, Hillary Clinton May Run For President
Privacy Versus Security
School Prayer, Right Or Wrong
Don't Confuse Me With The Facts
The Moon: One Small Step For Man - One Giant Bill For America
How to Send Care Packages to Troops Overseas
Is Harry Belafonte A Naive Mouthpiece For The Far Left?
Affirmative Action, Is It Good Or Bad?
The Semi-failed State
Slavery in the USA
The American Revolution
The Clash of Islam and Liberalism
Terrorists and Freedom Fighters
Nitwit Nation: Is America Too Dumb for Democracy?
Real Campaign Finance Reform
Bush's Holy Cronies have feet of clay
No Nobel Prize For War President
After Katrina - Seven Things You Can Do
Only the Delusioned Now Support Bush
Contenders for Iraq and the Potential for Civil War
A Dialog about Anti-Semitism and the Fate of the State of Israel
Containing the United States
The Madman and the Iraqi War
The Most Dangerous Place in the World ? Right Here In America
UK & World News reviewed by The Bitch! (a weekly column)
New Orleans My Home - Katrina My Nightmare
Using Buttons and Badges Effectively in a Political Campaign
Chavez's Inspiration - Simon Bolivar
The Aung San Family in Myanmar
Myths of the American Civil War
Preparing for the Next Terror Attack -- Are we ready?
Let us learn to live with gorilla terrorism
Dr. Walter Freeman's Frontal Lobotomies at Athens (Ohio) State Hospital
How to Raise the Muslim World from Poverty?
A Moment of Truth about Maxim Gorky
Another Look at Indians (Native Americans, Amerindians)
Facts and Figures about the Presidents of the USA
Human-made Monsters
Lindbergh, Charles Augustus
More about the Prohibition
The Abdication Crisis Revisited
The Armenian Genocide
The Building of the Pentagon
The Constitution of the Weimar Republic
The Family of Jesus Christ
The First September 11
The Story of the Guillotine
The Teapot Dome Scandal
The Uganda Scheme
The USSR That Could Have been - Lenin's New Economic Policy
Insurance 101 - Undermining America for the Good of Americans
The Costs of Coalition Building
Vojvodina - The Hungarian Kosovo
The Gulf between Baghdad and Doha
Epidemic of Anger as SMOKERS go to WAR
America's Second Civil War
Goverment Cruel Rules Kills More Than Fred West/Ian Huntley
Russia's Idled Spies
Augusto Pinochet, President of Chile, born 1915
Ferdinand Marcos - President of the Philippines, 1917-1989
Watch What You Say!
France?s Troubles: Learning from US
Murtha Right, Bush Lies
Thanks Mankind!
Another Look at Mahatma Gandhi
The First Serial Killer - Ed Gein
Add Me to the List, Mr. Blair
History of Olmec Civilisation
Bush Flirts with Fascism
Lincoln Group-Republican Party, CIA spies?-Garfield Media Talking Head?
ACLU or ACLJ ? The Difference is Like Night and Day
Big Government Is Bad Government
Argentina's Economy in a Nutshell
Is Bush ready to cut and run in Iraq?
Knowledge and Power
Time To Get Out Of Dodge? - Relocate Ahead Of The Collapse
Simple Middle East Peace Plan
Reelect President Bush for the 2nd term: Evidence & Proofs
A Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery (catching up with Mordechai Vanunu in Israel)
Bush Panders America
A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part I)
A Look Ahead to 2008 (Part II)
A Workable Alternative to Term Limits
A Noble Attempt To Bring Peace in Assam
What Price Loyalty?
A Viewpoint Not Represented in the Mainstream Media
The Ugly American Returns!
Revitalizing The Power of the Baby Boomers
Recycling The Mentally Ill
The American Worker: Downward Mobility
"The Looting" of American Taxpayers Social Security Disability by Fraudulent Employers Pt. 1
Seven Things That Make Me Angry
The Glorious Acts of Our Legislature
Fact to Fiction: The Brutal Truth about the Practice of Stoning
Affirmative Inaction
Asking For Proof in the Economic Pudding
The Divided Language
Is America Bankrupt?
OPEC's Swan Song?
The Self-Appointed Altruists
History of the Media, Radio, and Television
Voters are to Blame for Bad Politics
Open Source and Post-Capitalistic Society
An Overlooked Plan for Bush, Kerry, Democrats, Republicans, and Healthcare Costs
Voting Pro-Environment is Good For Jobs, Health, and Security
Gone With the Wind Almost Did Not Make It
Another Round of EU-Iran Talks Starts April 10 - Will Iran Be Referred To The UN Security Council?
Israel Termed A
Stopping a Nuclear Bomb on a Hydrofoil
The Right To Die Should Be A Personal Matter
911 Faqs And More Questions
Colors of the American Flag
Anglo-Israelism and the Flesh
UAV Targets, Aerial Dog Fights, Interception, Future of War Intelligence
UAV Materials and Thoughts on New Technologies and Keeping Up With Our Opponents
UAV Decoy Stategies, Theories and The Modern Art of War
Self Destruct Strategies in UAV Construction
Canning International Terrorists? Literally
Cloaking Giant Airships is Possible, Why Stop There?
Chinese Military Build Up - Sun Tzu and Chinese War Machine
What are the benefits of Nuclear War again; I must have missed that point?
Tracking Over The Road Trucks from Canada
Let me throw out a random thought on Homeland Security Leadership Structure
Screening Trucks and Containers Coming Into Our Country
Technology and International Terrorism
Defending Middle Eastern Oil Refineries and Assets
Harmonic Beams to Pre-Detonate Shoulder Launched Surface to Air Missiles
Using a Meteor Shower as Decoy for ICBM Attack
So How Far Have We Come? Here are some of the 2001 Anti Terrorist Projects
The New Goo Review is Coming Right At You
Increasing Evaporation in Ocean to Defeat Droughts
Rule of Thumb For Exporting Technology
Internet in Russia and Ukraine - Part 1. General Information and Statistics
Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority
Rural Government Oganizations
The Quality of Life: Is Health Important?
National Animal Identification System is a Bad Idea
US Concentration Camps
An ever-increasing issue in the corporate world is corporate social responsibility.
The U.S. Government and Welfare - helping hand or creating dependencies?
Government Grants to start or expand your business
Dear Secretary Snow; Give the Fair Tax a Fair Chance
Dominican Republic a Paradise of Corruption in 2005
Cambodia's Heroes Should Be Revoked
How do you see it?
Canadian Government Fall Down Go Boom
Why Does The Republican Party Want To Bury Illegal Immigration?
Supreme Clowns
Golden Years and Tears - Pension In One Hand And Out With The Other
Veterans' Day 2005 in Blackshear Georgia
Putting the Pieces Together: Job Accommodations and Employers
The Kempler Video of Yitzhak Rabin's Assassination
Social Programs & Welfare absolutely not working
A respeito dos problemas sociais
City Caught Trapping Drivers with Short Yellow Light
Preparing for a Hurricane
Family government
Recession 06 - The Storm Clouds Gather
please govern yourself
Seeing through their duplicity...
Corruption in Hud and abuse of the disabled tenants
Bush Supports Home-Bred Terrorists
Charity donations basics
Maybe Nothing Changes
Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority
Libertarianism and Socialism
The Question of Rights
Reform Versus Revolution
Collective of Concepts to Better Understand your Public Administration & e-Government [0803]
Conseco, Congress, Sports and the Steroid Scandal - Is Congress going to lay the groundwork to inclu
Acne Program - Step 4: Adding Essential Fatty Acids To Your Diet
The Declaration of RE-Independence
G8 to discuss world debt while Scots lack basic financial understanding.
U.S. Passport Primer: A Guide to the New Passport Regulations
Former Terrorrists Getting into Government need Time, not God on their Side
The Repercussions Of Bringing Former Terrorists To Mainstream Politics
NoInvaders.Org Proves to be "Interesting" and "Useful" in its Debut
Government Overregulation of Broadcast Content Could Backfire
Land of the Free
Worse than tsunami, trade protectionism hurts third world citizens
Bush's Mental Health Program Endangers Children and Will Bankrupt Medicaid
Government Employees are Entrepreneurs, Too!
Wealthy Countries Richer... but Sending Less in Aid
Where is our largest technological plan?
U.S. Postal Service Products & Services for your Home Business
STOP Telemarketers Dead In Their Tracks
Consumers - Fight Back With FTC's Do Not Call Registry
How Credit Card Applications Can Effect Your Credit Score
Did 9-11 Change Everything for the Business Community
Will Cloning of Super Families Lead to Slavery
Cloning; The Possibilities and Advantages of Thought Swapping
Farming Human Clones
Bill O'Reilly: You Got This One Wrong!
Lies, Damned Lies... and Statistics: The U.S. Economic Reports
How Bill Cosby Got iy Wrong
Arguing About Arguments, the Chinless, and North Korean Parrots...
John McCain's "Agreed Framework"
Slavery Was Useful
Watergate Scandal
Michael Moore: "The Dumbest People on the Face of the Earth"
Famous Filibusters in Political History
Advances in Nuclear Energy; Safe, Clean and Reliable
Regional Grid Power Backup; Energy Ideas
Thinking on Energy
How Can We Prevent Black Outs and Protect the Grid?
Common Sense vs. Common Senseless - How Thomas Paine Can Be Applied To Modern Day; Part Two
Without Trucks America Stops
High Speed Trains and The Future of Transportation
Pilot-Less and High Speed Train Transportation Systems; Better Strategy Needed
Mass Transportation Efficiencies and Price Per Rider Theories
Population and Transportation in the Modern Era of International Terrorism
Protecting Our Buses from International Terrorists
The Day the Music Died - 911
The Gun Lobby is a Role Model?
The Hurricane Katrina survivors will be victims again... GUARANTEED!
Conseco, Congress, Sports and the Steroid Scandal - Is Congress going to lay the groundwork to inclu
Ohio Mosque Promotes Murder!
The Cloning Debate
The Abortion Debate
People say -- and do -- the dumbest things
The Bush "There Or Here" Fallacy and the War in Iraq
Your Time of Blazing Noon
Bush's Election Victory: Ethics, Morality and Religion Defeated War, Economy and Foreign Policy
How Futuristic Is Anarchy As A Way To Organize The State (I)
How Futuristic Is Anarchy As A Way To Organize The State (II)
Supreme Court Justices Unethical Behavior?
Brit-Am Israel responds to David Ben-Ariel
Steven Plaut spouts lies!
Iran: Is There A Solution?
Local Government Elections - The Great Unopposed
He's Back
Politics and Friends on the web.
"Run Like A Plantation" and "New Orleans Will Be Chocolate"
Mt. Zion under siege: Will Rome rule Jerusalem?
Chocolate Continent Awaits the Great Black Return!
Thaksin Shinawatra brings humiliation to the Thai people
Dr. Michelle Bachelet Victor In Chilean Election.
Jinnah and Partition: The Real Facts
Hypocrisy Abounds: The Bush Administration's Manipulation of the Constitution
Local Elected Officials - The end of an Era
Iran & Instruments of Oppression
Conflict Management - Parisian Style (part 2)
Feeney Folly
Will Yitzhak Rabin's "bloody shirt" defeat Shimon Peres again?
The New Face of Black Leadership: Black, Gay & Proud
The Canadian Political System
Mistreatment and misgovernment of the poor in developed countries.
The Intelligence Summit Misses the Mark: The German-Jesuit Threat to World Peace
Local Government and Politics - Meetings are the Challenge
Iran: no more time
Amazing non-Psychic Predictions for 2006
The Homestead Revolution VI
The Homestead Revolution IV
The Homestead Revolution II
Conflict Management - Parisian Style
Gun owners sound off on Rabin assassination
Treating Its Citizens as Enemy--A Bad Policy for Any Government
Fight Local Government Apathy - Become Involved
Immigrants Must Learn English and Become Americans
HE WILL ALSO INVADE THE BEAUTIFUL LAND...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance - Part III
Writing basics for local campaign websites
PALS in Pakistan Part Nine - Reassembly Risks
Mark Lunsford! Your Voice Needed NOW!
Iraq - War for Jesus - a Greek Myth Character!
Confrontation: Iran's choice
What Are We Winning?
Don't let Shimon Peres get away with murder!
Why should we prevent the Mullah's interference in Iraq?
Proportional Representation: More Conservatives Or More Confusion?
'Twas The Night Before Liberal Christmas
Democrats Turn Christmas Into Political Stunt
Editorial: Dear Red States
Editorial: Bush and Responsibility
Would Illegal Immigrants Register for Guest Worker Visas?
The BEE Futurist
Politics Versus Pop Idol
Darwinism Still The State Sponsored Religion
Peace: Why it Shouldn't Be Only a Christmas Wish
Why do Pakistanis consider Mahmud Ghazni, Mohammad Ghauri and Aurangzeb Great Muslims?
HE WILL CONFIRM A COVENANT WITH MANY...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance - Part II
Politics and the Internet
This Truth is Self-Evident: Lawmakers Lie to Parents about Sex Offender Registry Effectiveness
Peace and What we can do about it
Impeach Bush now
Chilean Communist Party May Be Power Broker In January 15 Run-Off Election.
Death to America: Our Lack of Will?
Saddam Hussein For President In 2008!
Market boom spurs upward price pressures - Global capacity constraints won't end until late 2006
Who Deserves to Die?
Bunce-field Burner
No Matter What America Does The Rest Of The World Will Never Like Us
The Pledge of Allegiance Defiled Through History
I am a Terrorist!
Free-Market Economy and Free-Market University
David Rutstein sues Shimon Peres!
Dr. Michelle Bachelet likely Victor In Chile's Dec. 11 Presidential Election.
ACLU or ACLJ - The Difference is Like Night and Day
Biblical Aspects of the Middle East Crisis
The deadly United States of Europe
Dear Secretary Snow; Give the Fair Tax a Fair Chance.
The Son he Wished he'd Never Had
Thoughts on Democracy and Political Dialogue
French riot an unemployment explosion
What to Do about Poverty
The Administration "Re-wronging" history
Why Libertarians Don't Vote For Their Own Party
Remembering Why We Celebrate Thanksgiving
A Solution to Poverty?
France's Troubles: Learning from US
Smoke and Mirrors
David Ben-Ariel didn't try to blow up the mosques!
Health Care Statistics 101
PALS in Pakistan Part Eight - The Rogue Threat
PALS in Pakistan Part Seven - A Dangerous World
PALS in Pakistan Part Six - Objections to PALS
PALS in Pakistan Part Five - Additional Nuclear Advantages
PALS in Pakistan Part Four - A Nuclear Precedent
PALS in Pakistan Part Three - Why Transfer PALS to Pakistan?
PALS in Pakistan Part Two - Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
PALS and Pakistan Part One - Introduction to Permissive Action Links
No gunpowder on Yigal Amir's hands!
The invason of Iran is going to start Januari 2006
Ferdinand Marcos - President of the Philippines 1917-1989
Recent California Election: a Cash Cow Tipping Contest
Insurance 101 - Undermining America for the Good of Americans
ISRAEL MUST BE WIPED OFF THE MAP...Origins of Treasongate
Converting Formats Should Be Legal
Mommy, Can I Kill This?
The Roadblock to World Peace: Humans Don't Realize That They Absolutely Need It to Survive
Katrina Changed World History
If At First You Don't Succeed...
US ambassador chastises Cambodian government on Human Rights
Propositon 75, Paycheck Protection and Unions -- Point and Counterpoint
Witches and Terrorists
Liberals Just Can't Help Showing Their Bigoted Stripes
CA Proposition 74 -- Teacher Tenure Initiative, An Analysis
Teacher Tenure, an Analysis of CA Proposition 74
End Israeli discrimination against Christians!
"Surreality" shows and deadly "Comedies"
CA Proposition 75 Paycheck Protection Act, An Analysis
The Most Dangerous Place in the World - Right Here In America
Politics and Religion
Blow up the mosques or an expired visa?
Sergeant Benderman: Serving Time for Having a Conscience
Jean Bedel Bokassa - President of Central African Republic 1921-1996
Augusto Pinochet - President of Chile, born 1915
Propaganda, rhetoric and repetition
Bush & Blair: the deceptive allure of schadenfreude
I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night....
Rotting From the Head Down
Shivaji: The Irreligious and Barbaric Maratha King
THE CRUSADER vs. THE CALIPHATE...The Bush Doctrine: Destroy the Heretics of Islam
ssue of NATO Enlargement in American-European Relations
My Vietnam by George Bush
I Don't Trust You
Video Game Censorship Here to Stay? Unlikely.
You Be George's Coach
Political Sports Player of the Week - Oct. 10, 2005
Experience the Civil War with Your Ears
American detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound
Programa FOME ZERO agora... Problemas para as gera
Comunismo e o Socialismo 4
Comunismo e o Socialismo 3
Comunismo e o Socialismo 2
Comunismo e o Socialismo 1
Senator Joe McCarthy, Sex Offenders, and the 109th Congress
God's creation of Man verses Darwin's evolutionary theory
True acts of God require a helping hand from humans
Jesus' views on civil government...
Political Radio Advertising for 2006
The Genesis of Self Defense Courses During World War II
Tribute to Gore Vidal on His 80th Birthday
Join the Army and Stop Breathing
The Risk of Blind Assistance
FBI on the Fourth of July!
The Moon: One Small Step For Man - One Giant Bill For America
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
On Bush's June 28th, 2005 Speech
The True Patriot
Labels - Crutch of the Weak-Minded
MOVING TO CANADA IS A JOKE...The Economic, Military, and Social Integration of North America
Gun Control Will Solve Nothing
Leaving the Promised Land
Inside George Bush's Head
Another Packer Fan Goes to Heaven
The Best Place to Live in America
Katrina Questions - Anyone Got Answers?
One Nation, Under Thor
The Principles of Anarcho-Communism
The Nature of Hate Crime Legislation
Censorship, Our Enemy
Concepts of Socialism
Using Fascism to Destroy Fascism
An Alternative to Nazism
The Supreme Court: Past, Present and Future
Resistance is Not Futile: There are Humane Methods of Self-protection
Wack Pat
Land O' Ventura
The Court and Blame Game
Dilemma on NATO's Purpose after Cold War
Mahatma Gandhi: Destroyer of the Nation
When the Levee Breaks, a selfish look at the financial effects of Katrina and how many more fuel inc
The Internet Right - Are They Doing It Right
Hannah Senesh
Liberalism - A Mark Too Low A Price Too High
Cindy Sheehan - President Bush and the Accountability Moment
John Roberts and Madalyn Murray - The Turtle and the O'Hare
Bush's Second Term! A Chance for More Wars or A Stable Peace?
Between Hiroshima Japan 6 August, Nagasaki 9 August and the NY 11 September!
Karen Hughes---and My Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism
Jay Hammond, Alaska Governor and Creator of the Permanent Fund
Are American Twins - Majority Rule and Public Opinion, sometimes Just a Couple of Dumbbells?
Bush's Brain is Leaking
THE ELEPHANT ROARED AND BROUGHT FORTH A TURD...A Case Against Democratizing the Middle East
The Will To Fight for Islam
Religion, Wars and Civilization
Truckers Take Some Hits and Keep On Trucking
Toll Ways Hurt The Flow of Transportation
Minor Disruptions Cause Chaos in Transportation
Maximizing Efficiency at Our Airports
Bureaucracy Suffocating the Flow of Transportation
California Mutual Assistance Program
Environmentalism and Roads in Our Forests
Fire Fighting and Healthy Forests
The Adjutant General Folks From Fort Rucker Alabama
Conseco, Congress, Sports and the Steroid Scandal - Is Congress going to lay the groundwork to inclu
George Bush and the Iraq War - Down on Downing Street
Fair Trade and Pearls in the U.S.
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
The Irish Issue
Joseph Campbell - Permanent Human Values
Monsanto Terminator Seeds
Adminstration of E-Business Taxation
Some Farmers and Organic Growers are Upset at Monsanto
Kudos For Monsanto Company
Free Markets, Farmers, and GM Crops
Should Farmers Plant GM Terminator Seeds?
Environmentalists Often Complain About GM Crops
Questioning Both Sides of the GM Crop Debate
Fury and Sound as GM Seeds Abound
Environmentalists Say GM Seeds are Bad News
How Small Business Benefits From Supporting Labor Unions
Homeless, Trash, Drugs and Transient Issues
Telemarketing and Job Losses
OSHA is just more BS from the Blob of Bureaucracy
Ohio Department of Transportation; Sector Economic Reality
The Contemporary Global Marketplace - IT, Software, and Services
Predator or Prey; Hunter or the Hunted; Teacher or the Pupil; Winning or Losing?
Problems in the Media
Clearing Land Mine Fields from the Air
Medicade Scam; Worse than You Think
Public Notaries
THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT...The U.S.-Israel Strategic Alliance-Part IV
Memories of being 'Outed'
George W. Bush: The Feline-Ferret President
What Does It Take
When the Levee Breaks, a selfish look at the financial effects of Katrina and how many more fuel inc
Wartime Prisoners and the Will to Fight; War is Hell, Let
Going All Out to Win a War
Bringing Back Mining Jobs to the United States
Global Entrepreneurs, Mining and Raw Materials
Federal Trade Commission Partnerships Questioned
Mexican Trucks in the United States; NAFTA Trade and Problems
US Government Owes Martha Stewart 1 Billion Dollars
Paper Industry
Constitutional Amendment Needed on Sodomy Laws
Emerging Markets, Property Law
National ESRI Policies
Why Do US Media Ignore Secret UK Government Memo On A Mega Iraq War Conspiracy?
How to Become a Whistle Blower
International Terrorists Have US Partners; The Federal Trade Commission
An ROI on National Security
Discount Cigarettes and Cheap Tobacco from Europe to the UK
An Introduction to the Connecticut State Budget for 2004-2005
Connecticut Does Not Need Further Income Tax Hikes!
TABOR: The Growing Taxpayer Bill of Rights Movement and Economic Incentives for Industry
Question Authority
Quality of Life and Freedom, Unilateral Discussion
Politicians Will Save Civilization
Operation Iraqi Freedom, Soldiers and Their Psyche
Paid Assassins
US Government Regulators and Aides with AIDS
Great Melting Pot Indeed
The Gay Male Agenda for Political Dominance
Gas Prices and the Impact of Inflation
Freedom on the Internet
Media and the Iraq War, Some Random Thoughts Indeed 2001
Illegal Aliens and Homeland Security; Rants from Lance 2003
Peace in the Middle East
The Civil War - FOGC
MORAL ARMOR Condemns Home and Business Seizure Law
The Project For A New American Century
Osama bin Laden Needs a Pay Raise
Is This All There Is?
Cuba: Havana the Good
Dismal Performance of the NSA
How to Tell When Government Regulators are Shopping You
Ronald Reagan is Right
Thoughts Born of Tragedy ...
The Rosicrucian Council of Three
Lyndon Johnson - The Day After Dallas
Thune Republicans: Sudden Friends of the Working Person?
Let's Make Some Things Clear about John Thune/Dan Nelson/MetaBank MetaGate
Global/Israeli Corruption!
Anyone Awake Out There?
Carl Rove and the Case of Sour Grapes
Chinese Rhetoric Over Taiwan, Back At You
Birth of a Nation
The Protocols of Sion # 2
The Protocols of Sion #1
Interview With A Former ACLU Office
The Elephant Roared and Brought Forth a Turd: A Case Against Democratizing the Middle East
National ID Cards Have More Than Australians Concerned
Image is Everything in Redevelopment Projects
Congress Considers National Data Privacy Law
John Roberts
The Federal Trade Commission, reality check
Governments Worst Agency
American Eugenics
How Can You Have True Freedom if They Control Every Aspect of Your Life?
We Must Register AIDS Carriers and Homosexual Men
Conspiracy Theory; Kill Off the Old Folks
Dealing with Massive Prisoners of War
Ground Gas Canisters for Land Mines
Transporting Troops in the Future
The Cost of the COLD WAR
How to Deal with Poverty
The Pilgrims and Beacon Hill Mob
Arbitrageous Outrageous and Immoral
The Route to Democracy
Are American Twins - Majority Rule and Public Opinion, Sometimes Just a Couple of Dumbbells?
Mayor Wonka and the New Orleans Chocolate Factory
Al Gore and His Brilliant New TV Show Debuts
New eletricity tariff structure in Chandigarh
Mr. K.R. Lakhanpal, is new Chief Secretary of Punjab
The Neighborhood Mint
Housing for seniors
Weapon and Explosives Detection Technology Securing the Nation's Transit Systems
Conseco, Congress, Sports and the Steroid Scandal - Is Congress going to lay the groundwork to inclu
Proven Risk Youth Vs At-Risk & High-Risk Youth
Why One May Not be able to Locate Your Lost Money in the State's Unclaimed Property Database
Mayor Wonka and the New Orleans Chocolate Factory
Why George Bush might be God
My "Scaridness"
Colin Powell for President?
Do You Remember.......
President Hillary Rodham Clinton?
What If?
Why Our Political Leaders Should Embrace the Fair Tax Plan.
I Fly Our Flag High And Proud
Be An American
Germany Behind the Mask: Monster or Marshmallow?
Barry Chamish re: Steven Plaut, Daniel Pipes and The Jewish Press
Who yields to their influence?
Local Government Elections - An Inside Look
Raising your Profile- Postering
Iran: The all new Russia and China game
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
When the Levee Breaks, a selfish look at the financial effects of Katrina and how many more fuel inc
Find Vending Location for your Business
Adolph Hitler
Electronic Commerce Taxation: Emerging Legal Issues - Part I
Electronic Commerce Taxaton: Emerging Legal Issues - Part II
Sweet Lies, The Aspartame Issue
Regulatory Hooey Protects Us From Our Own Health
Mr. Bin Laden: Tear this Wall Down
There Ought to Be a Law
Does Your Farm Stink? The EPA Wants to Find Out
Fuel Prices on the Rise
Emminent Domain May Hit Close to Home
A Modern Lite in the Third World
The Dragons
Genetically Modified Plants Could Become Sentinels for the Military
Using More Trees to Reduce Atmospheric CO2
Illegal Immigration - No Sign of Slowing Down
PA Congressional Pay Hike Raises Eyebrows
A Deal Made With Ireland
What Did You Do In The War Daddy?
Wartime Britain & Things Look Bleak
Death and Destruction and the Run Up to D Day
Preparing to Invade Japan
Day 2: Liberia's Presidential Race Turns into Slugfest!
Thomas Paine / Jefferson
The FIRST FAMILY of the United States
Gasoline Prices Going Through the Roof
End Time Clock Ticking Away?
Look! America Take a Look!
News Media Misguided or Just Plain Liars?
Cindy Sheehan
Arrogance Of Terror
The Wage-Productivity Gap
John Kerry as a Prosecutor?
Immigration: Ten Points to Ponder
Employment Legislation: Proposed Employment Law Changes - To Take Effect 1 October 2005
Fundamentalist: Fascist or Common-Sense?
Making Peace with Our Ancestors and Neighbors
What Ordinary People Are Saying--Robertson Assassination Comment
Government Workers and Lawyers Revolving Door Rule Needed
The Internet Right
Rants by Lance: BRAC Committee Talks Irrelevant Completely
Intellectual Property: The ECJ Extends the Use of Trade Marks to Goods and Services
Media Advertising: New Alcohol Advertising Codes - 1 October 2005
US Government Sore Losers in Not So Neighborly Dispute
Lost and Found in Gaza
Local Government - Solving Problems
Talking to Strangers
A democracy? What have we wrought?
America's #1 Problem
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
When the Levee Breaks, a selfish look at the financial effects of Katrina and how many more fuel inc
Think You Don't Need A License for A Wireless Microphone? Think Again
HIPPA is a Waste of Trees
Spark Propulsion Assist for Wind Turbine Generators
When the Levee Breaks, How Many More Fuel Increases Can We Take
Will There Be A Debt Crisis?
Active Citizenship Goal Delayed by Lack of E-democracy Vision
Floating City; New Orleans
John Roberts Confirmation Hearings
Clinton and Bush -- The Cause of School Shootings
Is speech really free?
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
Dilemma on NATOs Purpose After Cold War
Is the Republican Party Racist?
Shari'ah Law Has No Place Here
Repubicans: Raise the Volume on Ten Commandments; Judge Roy Moore Run for Alabama Governor
Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of A Job
It's Time to Get Tough With Drunk Drivers
Coping with the 2005 USPTO Fee Increases: Strategic Approaches
Hell No
Perpetual Failure of the Canadian Party
Then and Now
An Appropriate and Calculated Response to Hurricane Katrina
2005 - The Year of the Human Dimension
Affirmative Action
Why I Am A Communist
The Great Plan of Insurrection
Of Racism
The Origins of Anarchy
Internet is Evil Censorship in China
Katrina Questions - Anyone Got Answers?
Hate Crimes In Paradise
Attacking an Enemy Via Typhoon as a Distraction
Charity Donations Basics
Why Is The Social Elite Liberal?
John Edwards The Lawyer is at It Again
A New New Deal
Finding Common Ground in Negotiation a Complete Myth
MOVING TO CANADA IS A JOKE...The Economic, Military, and Social Integration of North America
No Child Allowed To Advance Game
Presidents Are not Perfect.
Is Congressman Barney Frank a Tax Whore?
Nuclear Radiation and Nuclear Power Accidents?
Jeb Bush and Condoleezza Rice Republican Ticket
I Choose Rightouseness
The Only Choice
Flag of Mexico - Dia de la Bandera
An Alternative to Nazism
You've Come a Long Way, Baby?
Democratic Party Values and Principles For Which We Stand
Oil Production Hurricane Rita
The Things That Stay Important To Us...
As Oil Prices Rise, So Does Interest in Energy Ventures
Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) PART I
Wahabism the Evil roots of Muslim Terrorism
Wanted: And It Had Better Be Alive!
Mass Murderers On Ballot
One More Argument Supporting Globalization
Who Should Run the World?
In the Past Our Nation Had Changed Sides Many Times
What Goes Around Comes Around
World War III.: The Annihilation of Damascus
Too Many Lobbyists in DC
Rand Corp Was Right to Advise Use of Nuclear Weapons in Middle East
Self Segregation and Division in America
A Better World is Possible
The Blessing of Society
Censorship, Our Enemy
Social Give Away Policies Make People Weak
Concepts of Socialism
Elliot Spitzer is Bad for America
Crime: An Analysis
Dialogue on Affirmative Action
Politicians and Public Official Ethics
A Discourse on Liberty
Gas Lines Stink
Your Right Not to be Offended
If You Do not Respect Money, You Will Never Have Any
Haves and Have Nots Debate on Capitalism
Saddam We Created or the Monster Who Grew Later?
Fixing the World
Robert Novak: Useful Idiot for Catholic Schemes?
UN to punish "blasphemers?"
Non-Prophet Cartoons: Islam vs. The West
Local Government Apathy
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Do You Realize
Did You Really Maen It
Cheney, Guns, Social Security, Vigilance, and Tort Reform
Ur bin Legend
Leadership and Overcoming Adversity: Senator Orrin G. Hatch story
Leadership and Overcoming Several Adversities: US Senator Daniel Inouye's story
Heal our republic: change our electoral system
The Tragedy of Timothy McVeigh from D'OH! Poetic Justice for Politics and Other
Don't Look At Me, I Voted For The Other Guy
Dissing the Deputy's Dubai Junket
The President's empty promises
Muslims and the media
When Teenagers Rule The World
Democrats AND Republicans (For The Most Part) Want The "Nanny State" To Save Us
How To Stand For Local Council
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
An Educational and Dove Hunting Trip in Argentina Feb. 2006
Low Lost Seedlings for Northeast. USA CRP Stream Bank Improvement
Low Lost Seedlings for Pa. CRP Stream Bank Improvement
Why Americans need only one (1) Tax
The Inertia of Power
People's Republic of Hawaii Learns Communism FAILS!
U.S.A Presidency and the Map of Israel
The Port Fiasco - It's a GOP Trick
How the poor were lost.
Then And Now
Spin Cycle
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
Bush Panders America's Kids to Saudi Pederasts
The "Manchurian Candidate": Lee Harvey Oswald?
The West should step out of the United Nations
Free Speech Under Attack in Israel
Speaking at Local Government Meetings
Cory Booker's 'Outside of the Box' Approach to Political Problems
Third World Debt - A Solution
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
Business: "Where Is America Headed To?", New York Millionaire Wonders
Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures
Colts' Stadium Short on Horse Sense
Cyber Storm: America makes war on the First Amendment
One Nation Under God and the Separation of Church and State
With 1-click get free cash now!
George & Dick's War of the Worlds?
How Governments Seek To Get Back Control
Political Robo Calling that works
Cheney: Accidental Shooting Or...
Barry Chamish was Right on the Money!
The Origins of the Iraq Civil War - A Joke
Re: Dubya on the Dubai Port Deal (and the Constitution)
Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures - Six of One or Half Dozen of the Other
Blowing The Whistle Will Cost You Sometimes Your Life
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
On The Privatization of Social Security
Protection of the Intellectual Property in Russia
Shiatsu Massage, an Introduction
Low Cost Seedlings for Northeast. USA CRP Stream Bank Improvement
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
How To Date Ann Coulter (If You Must)
Is Reinstating The Draft Such a Bad Idea?
Gun Control? How About Crime Control Instead?
America Needs Election Reform to Ensure Congressional Honesty
America Needs an Education Reinvention Bill NOW!
When Will America Wake Up?
When Will the World Wake Up?
Bush and Kerry Differ on Immigration Policies
Just War
Counter Intelligence: Accurate Words to Describe Our Dealings with Islamic Terrorists!
Bodyguard Training in Mexico; My Experiences While Providing BG Training in Mexico
Politicians Are Like Car Sales People
From Democracy to Omniocracy
Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America
The Politics Of The American Dream
Colonel Boyd on Limited War and Iraq Victory
Secret Clandestine Facial Recognition Countermeasures and The Future of the CIA
The Dawn On The Nile Valley "Has" Secrets To Tell!
Lack of Peace, Reaching Critical Mass
Is it just hubris, or ...?
Eminent Domain Suggested as Cost Saving Measure in DC
Canada Tries to Stop Flow of Drugs into the US
Arson Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program for Summer Fire Season
Continuing Change in the Offshore World
Africa's Prosperity Goals: A Cultural Perspective
Fraud - Election Fraud
Politics- Is It Good At All?
Election Day Blues
Politics And Fun - Can The Two Mix?
What exactly does a political activist do?
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
Fuel Prices at the Pump: That is not the problem, Natural Gas Prices are high too
The History of Trade and Using it as a Weapon for Peace
Trade Wars, China and Over Regulation At Home
Israel Termed A 'Nuclear Power' By US Officials
Quick Thought on The Flow of Fuel and Costs
Jobs and the Flow of Fuel
Trucking and the Flow of Fuel
Companies, Consumer and Cost of Fuel
Trains and the Flow of Fuel
Wars, Oil and Trade Conflicts of the Human Race
NAFTA; What did we learn?
Free Markets, Wal-Mart, Over Regulation; What an interesting concept?
Free Trade, Outsourcing, Protectionism and Reality Check
Ethanol, Water, Pollution, North Korea and Free Trade
Monetary Flows, Retained Earnings, Over Regulation and Abundant Resources
Monetary Flows, Consumer Debt, Policy, Trade Deficit and Reality
Water Conservation, Retention and Better Policies
Droughts, Dirty Water and Disease
Population Control and Water Supply Issues
Snowbirds and American Migration and Mobile Populations
Oil Prices Effect The United States Competitiveness
Fuel Prices and Trucking; A Reality Check On What Drives America
3D Tactical Image Projection Enhanced Decoy System
True Democracy and a Way Forward
Foreign Spies Troll Gay Bars in Washington DC for National Secrets
Fight Terror, With Education
The Liberal Solution: Assault a Conservative?
Another Whistleblower -- is Anyone Listening?
The Morality of Using Stem Cells
Take Marijuana Off the DEA's Docket
Cops Want To Increase Marijuana Punishments?
William Seward and the Alaska Purchase
What is the Filibuster-Breaking Nuclear Option?
I am Not an African American
Common Sense vs. Common Senseless - How Thomas Paine Can Be Applied To Modern Day; Part One
If Terrorists Are To Become Slick Politicians, Yhey Need Time Rather Than God on Their Side
How Dogpoo is Changing The World
Space Colonies a Primary Goal
Political Branding and Marketing
Thousands of Weapons to be Destroyed by Cambodian Government Next Week in Siem Reap and Sihanoukvill
Move Washington DC to New Orleans
Union Members Don 't Be Fooled, Conservative Talkers Have it in for You
End Of History? Not Quite
The Delicate Art of Balancing The Budget
The Professions of the Future
What could Macedonia Learn from a Tiger? Asian Tigers and Uninterrupted Economic Growth
Public Procurement and Very Private Benefits
Ifs and VATs of Taxation in Macedonia - Should VAT be Applied in Macedonia?
Battling Society's Cancer: Unemployment
Should the Government Compensate the Clients of TAT?
The Typology of Financial Scandals
Belly Full of the Clinton's [Political View]
Wartime Prisoners and the Will to Fight; War is Hell, Let's Win Alright?
How Taxing Utilities Can Keep Governments In Check
Let us Disband The FTC's Franchising Division
911 Could Have Been Prevented, Was It Bush's Fault?
The Right to Opinion
The Rights of Squatters
Cindy Sheehan - President Bush and the Accountability Moment
Liberalism - A Mark Too Low A Price Too High
The Internet Right - Are They Doing It Right
Irrational Exuberance of the Dot Com Days Discussed
Fixing Our Regulatory Sewage and Minutia Problems
Government Regulations Hurt Investor Knowledge
The Michael Savage Phenomenon
Abuse of Democracy in the Philippines
Oil Shortgages - A Solution
Our Fellow Creatures
The Principles of Anarcho-Communism
Reform Versus Revolution
The Sexist Tragedy
Hurricane Hunters and Hurricane Killers
How to Make FEMA More Effective
Hurricane Conspiracy: Katrina
Bush Administration Condemned for Continental Drift
Prisons of Nano Tube Construction
Congressional Chamber Alternative Energy Lighting
Iraqi War Deaths
We The People
Talking is not as Important as Listening, Especially in Politics!
Koffe Anan Must Leave UN
Politics is Missing Ideals that Lead to Greatness and Wallowing in Mediocrity
World Disasters and Opportunites for Unity
Analyzing the Initiatives: Voting to Reflect Your Core Values
Atlanta International Terrorist Attempt
Profit: Its Social Motivation and Function
Mother Nature is Full of Patterns and Cycles
Do You Hate President Bush?
Problems with Too Much Surveillance Data on Citizens
Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal
Teachable Moments: A Brief History of Patronage and the Spoils System
Over Population of Earth by the Human Species
Southern California Water Crisis
Bomb Resistant Trash Cans of Carbon Nano Tubes
Professional Politicans Will Burn This Article -- Then Kill The Author
"Legal" Theft by Government
Why Do International Terrorists Attack Transportation?
Acoustic Noise Dampeners for Helicopters
Bureaucrats and Regulators to Declare Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Politicians Should be Made to Disclose Insolvency
Gay Contingency Killing Democratic Party
Issue of NATO Enlargement in American-European Relations
If I Only Had The Money-I'd Start My OWN Political Party
Why Guns
National Security and the Press Part One - Introduction to the Role of the Press
National Security and the Press Part Two - The Press as Watchdog
National Security and the Press Part Three - The Role of Embedding
National Security and the Press Part Four - The Risks of Embedded Journalists
National Security and the Press Part Five - Constitutionality of Restraints on Coverage
National Security and the Press Part Six: Unanswered Questions About Free Speech
Statists and Total Dependency
Does Anybody Really Know?
Federal Government Regulator Homosexual Attacks
Enemies Among Us
Better Healthcare Needed
It's The Democrats Who Discriminate
America's Decision Makers: The Supreme Enemies Within
Musical Chairs and the Razor's Edge
Sexual Harassment is a Problem in Washington D.C.
US Trade Deficit with China
The Development of Drug Criminalization in America
DOJ Internal Affairs
CRUSADER Vs. CALIPHATE...Bush Doctrine: Destroy the Heretics of Islam
Internet + Democracy
Bio Fuel and Bio Diesel
Minority Attacks on Company Brand Names
A Pact Between India and Singapore
Afraid of Nuclear War; Read This Article
The Cabal, Miss Miers, and How We Know that God is a Democrat
Warren Buffet Slams IRS into Obedience and Submission
The Gun Lobby is a Role Model?
New Fed Chief Ben Bernanke: What Does It Mean For Investors?
New Embryonic Stem Cell Method Might Split Supporters?
Bush and Iraq - A Cowboy For Our Times
What's the Fuss About?
Man: Demented Savage or Stranger in This Strange Land
The Hot Air Prime Minister
China / Walmart / USA
USPTO Grants Another Stupid Software Patent - Hand In Your Blackberry At the Door
Move Aside Terrorism, Here Comes... Bird Flu!
As Iraqis Stand Up Americans Will Stand Down - Or Not!
GM Attacked by Union and Democrat Motivated SEC
The Most Dangerous Place in the World - Right Here In America
Financial Forecast - Floods, Forests, and Fuel
Powerless Humans in Florida, Thanks Wilma
Strike Two
Privilege: Its Role in Oppression
RFID Passports Make a Lot of Sense
Read This Article If You Want To Stop Islamic Radical International Terrorism
Read This Article If You Are A Democrat
Read This Article If You Want To Stop Government Waste
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Using Buttons and Badges Effectively in a Political Campaign
Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax
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Read This Article if You Want to Stop Illegal Immigration
Who Are The Gang of 14? Will Their Agreement Survive Through Latest Judicial Nomination?
Who is Being Tortured in the War on Terrorism?
Debate on Torturing International Terrorists
International Law, Dangerous Precedents, and Reality Check
As France Burns Islamic World Wants Peace?
Illegal Immigration and Real ID Debate
Liberals Continue to Trash on Bush
It is President Bush's Fault
War in Iraq and Debate on International Terrorism
Polictics, Relgion and Points of View
Senator Rick Insanetorum
The Real Cost of War
Truth, Justice, and the American Way; A Monologue of Thoughts
Israel Must Be Wiped Off the Map - Origins of Treasongate
French Protestors Running Out of Cars to Torch
Recent California Election: A Cash Cow Tipping Contest
Perestroika and Democracy in Russia: Illusions and Reality
Terrorism In Paris
Nationalism or the Endorsement of Government Policy
Time to Stop the Insanity
Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must be Investigated!
The Squirminator
Rampant Anti-Semitism and Corruption in the United Nations
Barbarism Anyone?
Real ID for Illegal Immigration
What if Taxes Were Kept Low For All Citizens?
No Prosecutors Should Ever Hold Office
We Have to Understand That We Are All One
Does the Truth Matter?
My Second Interview with Jose Caliente
The Napoleon Dynamite Scandal Up In Idaho
PALS and Pakistan Part One - Introduction to Permissive Action Links
PALS in Pakistan Part Six - Objections to PALS
French Riot Holographic Training for Police
Want Free Money from the Government?
How Can The Democrats Win In 2008? (First of Two Parts)
How Can The Democrats Win In 2008? (Conclusion)
Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body
NAZI Youth and the Catholic Pope
Protecting the American People Through Technology
US Senate and Future Holographic Virtual Reality Technology Video Conferencing
Why is Airbus Bidding on a US Military Air Tanker Contract
Dying to Vote in Mississippi, Part I
Dying to Vote in Mississippi, Part II
Dying to Vote in Mississippi, Part III
A Mississippi Murder After Emmett Till
Bush War I and Bush War II: Now What?
The Balance of Lives
The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year vs. AdBusters
Dear America
The Dietrich Idaho Election Results
Brazil....A "Politically Neutral" Country
No, Iraq is not like Vietnam-Yes, Iraq is like Vietnam
The United States Military Needs to Invade Norway in order to be Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize
The GOP In 2008: Overview and Analysis (First of Three Parts)
The GOP In 2008: Overview and Analysis (Second of three parts)
The GOP In 2008: Overview and Analysis (Last of Three parts)
Attention Iraqis - My Son Is Fighting For You
Cities, States, and Others Step Up Action on Climate, Despite Federal Reluctance
Its a Corrupted, Corrupted, Corrupted World !
Hectic Paradise or Chaotic Paradise?
Alito Chided by Senator Kennedy for Application Statement
Right and Easy Are Rarely The Same Thing - Part 2 of 5, The US Constitution
Right and Easy Are Rarely The Same Thing - Part 3 of 5, World War II
It's A Little Late, Mr. Chertoff!
Healthcare in Canada - Essential Information on the Canadian Healthcare System
Same Old, Same Old
Are Conservatives More Charitable Then Liberals?
Czech Republic: Democracy Without Training Wheels?
You Gotta Love How Liberal Media Twists The Truth!
Perestroika and Democracy in Russia: Illusions and Reality (Part 2)
Englishman Craig Eliot Alden's Condition in a Brazilian Prison Not Stabilizing
The Liberal Language
How Could This Be? Why Should There Be Any Guilt?
The Factors that are Influencing Our Country's Politics
No Matter What America Does, The Rest Of The World Will Never Like Us
Boy, I Wish I Were An Illegal Alien!
From Churchill to Blair What Have We Lost?
ADA Still Needs a Voice for Change
Saddam For President In 2008!
Fast Food : No Legal Recourse
Do The Politically Oriented Really Think?
Organizational Political Savvy
Another American Freedom is Smothered & Lemmings Among Us Find Cause to Celebrate Once Again
I Wasn't Aware This Was Your Country, President Fox!
Almost the Whole Truth and Nothing but Almost the Truth, So help me God
The United States will not sign the Kyoto Treaty on Global Warming?
Saddam Never Had Weapons of Mass Destruction; Oh really?
President Bush Poll Numbers Are Rising; Critics Say it Doesn't Mean a Thing
Supreme Court of the United States of America; The Ultimate Pendulum
Iraq Slowly Becomes a Democracy and WWIII is Prevented
Howard Dean; Political Rhetoric Heightened
Helping Others Get a Clue!
We Won the War in Iraq and Now Democracy Will Prevail
Wartime Propaganda Coming Out of Iraq
The Changing Perspective of Mass Poverty
Christmas - Protests in Australia to Hide Beliefs - Where's the Democracy!
India Should Behave Like a Disciplined Country Like China
Acronym of a Democrat
Avoiding a Fate like Mars for Earth: Life on Planet in Imminent Danger
Read This Article if You Are Tired of Hearing About the War in Iraq
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This Truth is Self-Evident: Lawmakers Lie to Parents About Sex Offender Registry Effectiveness
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Canada's Geopolitical Role
Canadian Military Ramps Up Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV Roadmap
Forget Wiretapping - It's Time For Bold Action
Why Are We Still in Iraq? (Part 1)
Why Are We Still in Iraq? (Part 2)
Democrats Versus Republicans, The Battle Is Almost Over
Darwinism Remains The OFFICALLY Sanctioned Religion Of America
Add-Ons in Defense Bill Ill - Serves Troops & America
Israeli Aircraft Industries Selling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs to Canada
Ignorant Americans
Voting Machine Fraud Questioned by 'Ordinary Citizens'
How to Manage When Everybody is Your Client
Read this Article if You Worried of Over Population
Department of Justice Damaged Image by Attacking Martha Stewart
DOJ Lies to the American People Again
"In God We Trust" or "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
WMD Went to Syria
Attention Democrats
Wake Up Democrats (Part 1)
Wake Up Democrats (Part 2)
The Homestead Revolution - Part II
American Morality - A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon
Proportional Representation: More Conservatives Or More Confusion?
Ultimate Sacrifice
Newspapers And Political Bias
Osama Swung Election
"A Contrite Christmas" or "All I Want For Christmas Is Democracy"
FTC Failed The Consumer, Again!
Government Makes it So Easy to Mistrust Them
Justice Department Lied
Consumer Protection Division at FTC Misrepresents Fact on SPAM
No More Lies From Our Government
Stop Lying to the American People
Since When is It Okay to Lie to the United States Congress?
Bureaucratic Bunk, Bull, and Other Believable BS
How to Lie to the United States Congress and Get Away With It!
Did the FTC Lie About SPAM?
When Can We Fire the FTC for Their Dismal Performance on SPAM?
What is the Cost of an Incompetent Government?
Budget Cuts in Government Recommendations
US SAFE WEB Act of 2005
George W Bush and the Dark Side of Religious Fundamentalism
Eminent Domain Rears it's Ugly Head
Hilary Clinton and Illegal Immigration Issues
Former Clinton Administration and Hilary on Illegal Immigration Problems
Who's Stronger in National Security: Republicans or Democrats?
Tearing Down the Walls in 2006
Has Paul Martin Gone Mad?
Time to Take the Propaganda out of the Environment Debate
Local Government Apathy - The Only Known Cure is Involvement
Cigarette Tax Mania
America Beware, Hillary Clinton May Run For President
The No Member of Congress/Senate Left Behind Test
Mark Lunsford! Florida's Children Need Your Voice!
2006 Emerging Military Strategy Trends
Oil is the Tip of the Iceberg
Privacy Versus Security
Uni-Bomber and Al Queda What Can We Learn?
Judge Samuel Alito, Jr., Women, and Minorities
Fixing the World Now
Worst Disasters in 2006 Predicted
You Pay for Customer Service
The American People want blah, blah, blah
On Abortion and Judge Alito
Judge Samuel Alito, Jr. : He will be Confirmed
Is Harry Belafonte A Naive Mouthpiece For The Far Left?
Affirmative Action, Is It Good Or Bad?
Government's Number One Job
A Difference Between Politician and Scientist
Hibernian Rothschild Complex
Sammy "The Dull" Alito
Is Dick Cheney the Real Manchurian Candidate?
Illegal Immigrants Are Unfairly Persecuted
NSA Whistleblower Explains Tactics
Get Alito Off My TV
Ur-bin Legend
I Have a Dream (Remix 2006)
Defeating International Terrorists
Can We Really Trust the Polls?
Coffee Shop Conversation About War in Iraq
He With the Gold Makes the Rules and if Not Kept in Check, will Exploit the Masses
Hamilton, Madison and Jay - Publius
Liberal Party Attack Ads And The Canadian Election
Cup of Joe with Justice
Morals & Ethics... Where Did We Go Wrong?
Individual and Institution in the Modern Age
Is Pure Democracy Sustainable?
A Few Arab Nations Have Disrespected the United States of America
Weakness is Not a Human Trait
Quite Frankly, This Is Not Good Enough Yet!
Money Flows to Mexico Becoming Critical
We Are Better Than This, Aren't We?
Sound and Fury Signifying Not Much of Anything
Mt. Zion Under Siege: Who Will Be King of the Mountain?
Why Does Anyone Listen to Politicians?
Recent Report Says that U.S. Muslims Purposely Stigmatized
Body Armor VS Mobility and Weight
Why You Should Suffer Some Fools
Bush War II: Twenty-Dollar Meals
Politics and Friends on the Web
The Right To Die Should Be A Personal Matter
Public Citizen Warns of Terrorist Attack on Nuclear Power Plants
Protection of Nuclear Power Plants
International Terrorist Attack on a US Nuclear Power Plant
Are Our Nuclear Power Plants in All 50-States Safe?
Our Harbors and Ports Are Porous and Open to Lunatic International Terrorists
Ray Nagin and Chocolate?
Democracy is About Choice and the Pursuit of Dreams
How Rush Limbaugh Supports the Troops
Has President Bush Lost His Way?
A Case of Dubious Veracity
Community Leaders: The 'Queen-Bees' of Development Process in Orissa
He's Back -Osama Bin Laden's Latest Audiotape
The 2006 Congressional Elections and Republican Hubris
Need for a Better Defendable Border
Hot Air
NRC Ruling in New Mexico Moves
Pat Robertson on Ariel Sharon's stroke: God's Punishment?
Government is 'Organized Crime'
Research Identifies Opportunities for Information Communication and Technology Companies
President Bush Does Better Without a Speech Script
Iran; Tactical Error in Oil Supply Threat
International Terrorism; are we Winning
Secrets to Political Reform, Political Crisis and Checking the Balance of Reality
Krishnamurti and Einstein on Politics
Blind Belief!
Two Party Madness
A Letter to Americans: Is Freedom Slipping Away?
When Hostile Forces Unite
Appeasement with Radical Regimes Never Works
Louisiana: Stay Focused, Stay the Course
Why We Cannot Get Rid of the Lobbyists
What Does it Take
How I've Come to Love President Bush II
You Get What You Pay For
The Game is Afoot Indeed
Real World Politics
The Prince of the Covenant: The US / Israel Strategic Alliance; Part IV
Wanted: And It Had Better Be Alive
EU Shows Morality
Good and Evil
Love Prisons
Vice President?
The Selecting of the Political Leader in Cambodia
The Plan for Iraq
Redundancies in Distribution and Transportation the Answer to Protecting Our People
Declining North Sea Oil Output - It Is Time To Consider Alternate Uses For The Platforms
Do You Realize
Time to Legalize Street Drugs
Not Opposition Party, but Critic Party
War Begets War
Democrats and Republicans (For The Most Part) Want The "Nanny State"
Rouche, Bird Flu and Anti Trust Laws
Tamiflu Vaccine, Rouche Pharmaceuticals and Bird Flu Crisis
What Did We Know and When Did We Know It?
Should Americans Honor the Confederate Flag?
The Four Phases to The Iraq War
Our Politics Need A Tune Up
George Miller California Representative Chastises Bush Administration
Decriminalization and Legalization of Drugs in America
The Tragedy of Timothy McVeigh From D'OH! Poetic Justice for Politics and Other Troubling Trash
Moving To Ethanol E85; an Advantage for GM and Ford?
The Building of an Olympic Team; an Allegory of the War in Iraq
For The Love
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lebanon Riots Draw Large US Response
Voodoo Security?
Christians: Beware the Goebbels Tactic
My Fourth Interview with Jose Caliente: White House Informant
Did You Really Mean It?
UN Draft Says - Close Gitmo
Foreign Ownership of U.S. Airlines & Ports Deemed Troubling
Solving The Immigration Issue
Corporate Lobbyists and the Political Blog Scene
Political Activists Websites and Email Forwarding to Politicians
Congressmen and Senators Selling Out to the Corporate Lobbyists
Crossing the Political Divide in the Digital Age
Socialist Movement in the United States
CIA Has Too Many Photo-Op Book Deal Seeking Information Leakers
Debate on Legalizing Drugs Rages On
Cheney is No Straight Shooter
Politics - Is It Good At All?
Civilized Nation vs. America
Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore (Part 1)
Your Right and Duty to Vote
Why Some People Do Not Vote
Holding Government and Politicians Accountable
Validating Liberal Political Comments a Real Choir
Border Security and Illegal Immigration May Divide the Democratic Party
UAE to Buy US Ports?
Vote None of the Above
Vice President Cheney Gets a Raw Deal
Democrat Information Websites Purport Misinformation
I Do Not Consider Myself a Liberal; I am a Moderate Democrat
Putting a Government in the Sole Hands of the People
It's A Sad Day
AI: New Government Fails to Address Human Rights
How the Poor Were Lost
Cheney Was Right
Do Christians Have Too Big A Slice Of Pie?
The Best Answer To Bad Speech Is More Speech!
Love Me, Kiss My Gun
Will Free Trade Really Bring Democratic Reform to Emerging Nations?
America, Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave!
Misuse of Statistics in Media - Political Motivation
Academia and Their Subtle Brain Washing
Government Workers Olympic Games
Cory Booker's "Outside of the Box" Approach to Political Problems
The Bushkrieg: Stop the NeoCon Assault on the Rights of Americans - Ratify the ERA Now!
Karl Rove And Bush Senior: How the NeoCons Stole the Soul of Environmentalism
Bin Laden's Surprise
Dubai Port Buy; Bring The World Closer Together, No Don't
A Sad Commentary for America and the World
The Singularity Fallacy: Why the US Port Management Scandal is Not About National Security
Renovations for Improvement on Capital Hill
Talking Points, Talking Heads, Talking Trash
Denmark Cartoons or Islamic Caricatures - Six of One or Half Dozen of the Other
Compromising American Security
Every Generation Must Defend Our Freedoms
Bush Administration and the Road to Alternative Fuels
City Council Election and Dirty Local Politics
The Vagina Monologues
Who Should Control our Port Operations?
Justice in Cameroon
Population Crisis: Billions to Go
Every Time President Bush Travels the Democrats Attack Him While Away
The Land of the Free?
A Middle East Vision Through Cataract Eyes
Department of Energy Kicks in $119 Million for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research
Essential Liberty vs Temporary Safety
ADA Regulations Has Hurt Small Businesses
Public Support for Clean Industry and High-Tech Economic Business Models
Spies in The Ointment - for US Ports
Free Speech in Europe: R.I.P.
Keeping Things in Check
Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle Next President of the United States
Seriously Saving Society
One Point for Cambodia's Transparency-Betterment
Rufus King - Minister Plenipotentiary
Republicans and Democrats Doing the Switcheroo!
President Bush Visits India - What Attacks with the Democrats Launch?
Better Form of Government; Considering the Attributes of Mankind
India Shining - Financial Bill 2006-07; Union Govt. of India
A Long Road To Nowhere
FEMA Trailers Issue
The Government Does Not Fulfill Its Mission Completely
Port Deal Controversy Shows Need for Leadership
Europe to take out Iran for Jerusalem
Republican Outsourcing is to Blame; They Say?
Only Normal Dance Bars Should Operate
Law Should Be Equal To All
Politics: A Country Divided
The Controversial Death Penalty
The President is in Deep Trouble Due to the Polls? What?
Can Anyone Beat Hillary Clinton for President?
Liberal Attacks on President Bush; Are They Becoming Trendy?
US Bombs Dropped on Iraq Killed 200,000 Irreplaceable Human Beings
Palestinians Cannot Get Citizenship in Another Country
Bloggers Supporting International Terrorists
US Military Blows Up Hospitals for Fun; Says Blogger?
Why Conflict is Too Hard to be Solved?
"Last Warning" This!
What Are We To Do With Hamas And Palestine Now?
Dubai Deal Over-blown in Media for Political Gain
US Military Kills Little Children with Big Bad Weapons?
In Defense of Iran and Condemnation of the United States
Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead
Palestinians Do Not Have Enough Money for Weapons
An International Terrorist and Hamas Supporter Debates Middle Eastern Affairs
Republicans Blame Everything on the Liberal Media
President Bush Incorrectly Interprets the Laws to His Favor? Say Liberals
Republicans Distancing Themselves from the Bush Administration?
Illegal Aliens Are Borrowers; Cannot Send Them Back Now
Purim: Rescind the Kahane Terrorist Classification!
But He's Better Than
The US Support of Drug Profits
Our Children Need Recess, Recess Needs You!
Speak Loudly and Carry a Twig?
A Dose of Reality
Illegal Immigration And The Catholic Church
Who Will Come To The Polls?
Criminal Government
Howard Dean Disciple Bungles In Us Supreme Court
Iraqi Vengeance
The Fix is In
You Can't Handle The Truth!
What the President Can Do to Improve His Low Ratings
Boxing and Iraq
Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore? (Part 2)
Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore? (Part 3)
Car Wash Jobs No One Wants; Illegal Aliens?
Illegal Aliens at Car Washes Busted
Four Reasons Not to Hurt Elliot Spitzer
Abandoning Amtrak
Public Citizen to Start Their Own Oil Company
Critical Bill to Speed Up Infrastructure Projects
Abandoning Advanced Nuclear Weapons Testing
Bush Returns to the Mission Accomplished Ship Tripping on LSD
Abandoning of Airbases and Military Aviation Facility Assets Overseas
What is the Goal of Our Prison System?
Prisons Stuffed With Illegal Aliens
Do Criminals In Prison Get More Than Honest Americans?
Open Letter To George Bush From A Military Mom
STV: Making Every Voter Matter
Condi Rice Receives More Than She Bargains For With Guitar Gift
On Democracy and Liberalism
Analysis of a Conservative Majority versus a Conservative Minority
Another Nuclear Arms Race, Perpetrated By The Bush Administration
About Spain - the Spanish Language and Delicate Issues
Arabaphobia Grips Politicos in Seaport Lease
'Stuck on Stupid' - A Rebuke for Media
FCC Threatens Decency Standards for Cable TV
Liberal Arguments and Their Choice of Verifications
Taking Political Discussions Seriously
Liars of Truth and Their Techniques
China Rises? Think Again
Me, Harper and the Blue Sky
About Spain - What Rules Do You Think Will Apply?
Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore (Part 4)
Does Anything Make Any Sense Anymore (Part 5)
The Bush League Team Is Once Again, Late To The Game!
Patriot Act - Not A Major Deterrent To Business
Dr. Hansen and Intimidation
The Temple of Love Sending Delegation to Free Convert
Government Apathy - A Different View
Cindy Sheehan a Dishonor to Her Family Name, Our Nation and the Troops
Liberal Activists Willing to Go To Any Length to Get Noticed
Wipe Out All International Terrorists
Liberal Psycho-Babble and The World Media Hit
Message to Anti-American BS on the Blogs
Do the Muslim Populations Have the Capacity to Handle Democracy?
Iran Showdown 2006; Whose Team are You on Anyway?
Iran: First Stop to Establish Democracy in the Middle East
Conflicts Between India and Pakistan
Cartoon Controversy
Why U.S. Should Help Illegal Mexican Immigrants
American Exceptionalism and American International Security Policy (After September 11)
The Iraq War Is Unfinished Bush Family Business
Dissent Is Patriotic! Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Overhauled Homeland Security Funding Alarms Areas At Risk
What Would Barry Goldwater Do?
Congress Should be Charged with Treason!
Daniel Pipes: Can the Leopard Change Its Spots?
Is China's Economy Growing Too Fast?
Should We Accelerate Our Space Program?
Civil War Type Squabbles in Iraq
Does Lack of Enforcement Make Illegal Immigration Now Legal?
Are Liberals From Maryland For Real?
Mexican Illegal Immigration is Nothing, in the Future What About China?
Dear Liberal Bloggers, Guess What?
Illegal Aliens And Their Abettors Protest
Reforming the Criminal Justice System
A Fresh Look on the War in Iraq
Goverment Intrusion
PALS in Pakistan Part Ten: International Signalling
Iraq Must Work Out Problems
We Must Get Tough on Illegal Immigration
Our Borders Leak, Our Politicians are Weak and Illegal Immigration in the News this Week
Valley of the Fools: Turkey
Fixing the Criminal Justice System in the US
Local Government Politics - How to be Effective?
International Criminal Court
Immigration Woes, Part Three
One Crime that Politician Would Not be Penalized
Marching In Support of Illegal Activity
America Loses Italy's Elections
Conspiracy Theorists Call for President Bush Administration Resignation
Iranian Is Going to Build Atomic Bombs
Lance Rants on Condemnation of US Policy to Stop Iranian Atomic Bomb Manufacturing
Immigration Ignorance
12,000,000 Illegal Aliens! When Did That Happen?
Are Military Tribunals Fair?
Deficit Reduction Act Requires Proof of Citizenship for Medicaid
It's About Takeover Not Immigration
Audible Classroom Prayer To Whom?
UK Government Unveils Points Based Immigration System
How Many Really in Attendance in Illegal Immigration Marches?
Iranian Nuclear Weapon and Nuclear Warhead Showdown
Illegal Aliens with American Flags? An Observation
Did We Create Osama bin Laden?
Illegal Aliens Want A Better Life, So They Protest After Breaking the Law?
White House CIA Leak
The Potential of a War in Iran
We Must Back Down to the Escalation to War with the Iranian Leadership
Regime Change in Iran?
Illegal Aliens are Starting to Act Out
Anti American Bloggers and the Iranian Leadership with Nuclear Weapons
Anti Globalists Blog to Discredit Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz
Canadian Liberals Side With Iranian Leadership for Nuclear Weapons
Iran Has Achieved Its Rightful Place Amongst Top Global Super Powers
Martyrdom Is Stupid, Meaningless & Criminal
Joe Arpaio For President
Vice President Cheney; Elite Power Family Say Conspiracy Theorists
President Bush Administration and Secret Society Conspiracy Theories
Is The United States of America a Good World Citizen?
Does the United States Use Propaganda On Its People?
Royal Power Elite Family Trees and American Politics
Skull and Bones and the President of the United States
Castro; A Hero or A Criminal?
On the Value of Human Rights
Retired Generals - Should We Listen to Them?
Some Retired Generals Want Rumsfeld to Go!
Did The War in Iraq Cause the Iranian Leaderships Hostile Posture of Nuclear Weapons
Is International Terrorism a Fabrication of the Bush Administration?
The Iranian Leadership Does Not Understand
An Open Letter to George Soros
Heading For a European Constitution
Israel and the Arab Threat
Because He's Unpopular, Bush Is Capable Of Anything!
Lance Rants; The US is Not a Nation of Killers
Lance Rants; Liberals Want the Vice President and Secretary of State to Resign
Lance Rants; Bush Administration and CIA Leak Fiasco
Lance Rants; President Bush Haters Cannot Keep Their Mouths Shut
Lance Rants; Illegal Immigration, Hurricane Katrina Investigation and the Iranian Threat
The United States Must Protect the American People; Even if It Means Pre-emption
Lance Rants; Iran is Threatening the World; is the US Doing the Same?
Iranian Mirrored Response and Rhetoric Abounds
A Few Democrat Generals Call for Rumsfeld to Resign
Brief Biography of Pol Pot
Lance Rants on Detractors of Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld
Lance Rants on the UN, Iranian Showdown and Iraq War
Lance Rants on the Irrelevance of President Bush Poll Numbers
Lance Rants about Radical Regimes and Fundamentalist Leadership of Iran
Lance Rants that the US Cannot Be Bullied By Nation States Which Sponsor International Terrorism
Should Illegal Immigrants be Allowed?
Political Research Critical for Special Interest Groups
New Techniques in Political Research
Affordable Political Research for Local Races
Lance Rants on Why We Need Donald Rumsfeld
Lance Rants on the Paper Tiger Label
Invasion or Civil War for Venezuela?
Judas - From Benedict Arnold to Mother Teresa
Local Government Politics - Rules of Combat
Paramilitary Politics: A Colombian Reality
Guns, Cocaine: One Market out of Control
Behind the Cult of Chavez
Heading For a European Constitution (2)
China Sole Manufacturer of Material for U.S. Missiles
Vote them Out of Office, Legislative Turnover; Lance Rants
AIDS in Washington DC is Too High; Lance Rants
Liberal News Media Attack Rumsfeld Again? Lance Rants
What Does the News Media and the Liberal Base Have Against Donald Rumsfeld? Lance Rants
Whose Team is the News Media On Anyway? Lance Rants
With Liberty And Justice For All
What To Do About The Illegal Immigrants? We Can't Make Them Leave
Climate Change Analysts Decry Global Warming Alarmists
The North Korean Empire Leader May Now Come Back to the Negotiation Table
Gitmo Releases Comprehensive List of Detainees
The Iranian President is Missing the Point
Iranian President Pushes Us Towards War
24 Million Illegal Aliens Says One Analyst
Howard Dean Says Voter Picture ID Law is Not Right
John Kerry Considering a Run in 2008
Black Farmers To Rally; Anger Over Foreclosures, Settlements And More
Spying on Peace Groups Not Surprising Says Civil Rights Vet
Will Iraq Turn Out to Be the Showcase to the Arab World We Had Hoped For?
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If You Don't Understand This, Please Don't Vote
60% of Illegal Aliens Come From Mexico
Pre-empting International Terrorists and Nation State Sponsors
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Chile's Success Proves Neo-Liberalism Works
Pragmatism, Not Chavez, To Dictate Peru Politics
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Bush Administration Touts Hydrogen Fuels Cells; Liberals Squawk Back
Who is Really to Blame for this Massive Illegal Immigration?
The Bush Administration is at Fault and this is Why We Do Not Have Hydrogen Cars Now!
Nixon Administration Tried To Prevent Israel From Having Nuclear Bombs Too
Summit Meeting on Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Needed
John Edwards Considering Running for President Again in 2008
Lethal Force at the US Border for Illegal Immigration Not a Good Idea
Hard Core Americans are Saying Lethal Force at the US Border an Option
Cracking Down On Illegal Alien Carwash Employers
Illegal Alien Round Up Catches 1,000 Illegal Aliens; So What?
US Military Letting Go One Third of Gitmo Prisoners
911 Conspiracy Theorists Still At It
Anti American Bloggers Say the US is Not The Greatest Nation
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Iraq's Information Minister Comical Ali was Right
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The Yitzhak Rabin Murder Video (the Kempler Video)
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On January 31, 2006 President George W. Bush delivered his State of the Union Address
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Shoveling Sand
Investigation of Gas Prices on Big Oil
Just How Well are Authorities Doing Patrolling Our Borders?
FEMA; Michael Brown Vindicated in Hurricane Katrina Disaster
California to Flood Big Time and Drown Innocent Liberals
Pakistan US Relations Under Strain
Exerting Influence
May 1: Illegal Immigration Day Defused!
Relations With China
Indonesia Tsunami Aftermath and the Environmental Disaster
EU Renews Pressure Over U.S. Airline Ownership
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Communism is Not Desirable, but Everyone is Communist
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Alternative Fuel Gap
The Iranian President Continues to Make Negotiation Tough
Identity Theft; If the Government is Involved in the Fix, Forget It!
Global Warming Sticker Shock
The War on Terror is an Individual Thing; We Must Hunt Down Each International Terrorist Personally
Some People in the Middle East Think that the US cannot Defeat International Terrorism? WTF
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The Toledo Blade Hides Behind "Palestinian" Children
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Anti Globalist Groups are Totally Ignorant
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False Documents of Undocumented Remains Problematic
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Bill O'Reilly is Still Wrong Part I
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Political Blogs Which Attack, Do a Disservice to Our Nation
A Return To MAD Nuclear Deterrence?
Shimon Peres has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?
Accelerating Active Duty Personnel
Accelerating Active Alerts for Homeland Security
Accelerating Active Access
Accelerating Access Certifications For Security Professionals
Guarding Our Borders With Lethal Force
Ray Nagin Re-elected as New Orleans Mayor
Three Months Tops; Iran Has Nuclear Weapons
Iran Builds Support Among Muslim Nations
Why Are Politicians Corrupt?
Fannie Lou Hamer Acted On Her Dreams
Celebrities - Most Popular Presidents
President Vincent Fox Does Not Like the New Immigration Law One Bit
Iran Goes On High Alert?
How Can We Convict Saddam Considering What is Happening Now?
Mexico Brutal On Immigrants
A Back Channel to Nowhere
Install Solar Panels at the White House and Congressional Building
Cindy Sheehan Now Telling Australian Government How to Fight War on Terror
Boycott Buses in America Two Days Per Month
Anchor Baby Solution
Carwashes and Illegal Alien Trends
How to Find Illegal Alien Workers to Work at Your Carwash
Will Millions of Americans Really Rally to Protest the Protestors?
Two Shots Fired at the Capital Building
Rayburn Building in Washington DC Shuts Down Due to Gunfire
Illegal Immigration Bill Stalls
The Cult In Multiculturalism
Canada Immigration Visas
Abandoned Commitment in Congress
Abandoning Conservation Strategies is Problematic
Abandoning United Nations Security Council
Abandoning Corruption in Government
Academic Control
Anti-Illegal Immigration Day is on July First
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Spend Thrifts in Government and Their Political String Pullers
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Politicians ARE People
Senators Just Think They Are Smarter Than Us
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Trust in Government; We Wish it Were That Simple
Abatement and Progressive Cleaning Programs
Abatement Progress Charting
U.S. House Plans to Improve Reverse Mortgages
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Colombia President Alvaro Uribe Wins Re-election in a Landslide
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Brazil's PCC: True Power Behind the Violence
Riots Reveal Organized Crime Power in Brazil
The US Marine Corp is Great; Know It, Live It, and Believe It
US in Afghanistan and Iraq
Coalition Forces Killing for the Fun of It?
Abatement of Crazy Eco-Terrorists
Kiwi Invader New Zealand Mud Snails Endanger Yellowstone National Park
Indian Legends and Victorian Bath Houses: The History of Eureka Springs
Government Auction: Fact Or Fiction?
In the footsteps of D Company 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry D-Day, 6 June 1944
Politics Of Summerlin, Nevada
Western Canada Needs to Be US Territory From All of Central Time Zone West
Move Federal Government to Battle Mountain, Nevada To Keep It Safe
Senators Sarbanes and Oxley; Are They Terrorists?
Consumer Culture is a Threat to Progressive Change
Where's the Outrage - Remember August 2005
The U.S. Settles Accounts with Belarus
Forest Gate, de Menezes and Shock-and-Awe
America's Problems are Derived from a Lack of Taste
Nobody is Above the Law He Said; but Him of Course
Seattle Needs a Volcano to Clear Out the Liberals
America: Painting The White House Red
Great Breaking Presidential News: Taylor Jones, The Hack Writer, Announces His Hat Is In The Ring
The Previous Investment Trap
US Government Own Worst Enemy
Foreign Heads of State and Radical Fundamentalists - Are They Viable Leaders?
New Law Needed; 50% of Supreme Court Judges Cannot Be Lawyers
Grandma Hillary Clinton Running for Office?
OSHA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
SEC Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
FDA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
EPA Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
FTC Needs Rules and Regulations Overhaul
Lie Detector Tests for All Border Patrol
Lie Detector Tests for All Politicians
George Soros the Socialist Funding US Liberal Think Tanks
FTC Federal Trade Commission Full of Communist Leaning Employees
Democrats Must Secretly Hate America and What It Stands For!
Do We Have a Language Barrier in America?
America We Have Lost Our Vision For Our Nation
Sean Insannity and Rick Insantorum
Federal Trade Commission Must Be Terminated; It Serves No Purpose
Chinese Weapons on Sale; Heck We Should Buy Some
Move US Government to El Paso, TX and Hire Mexicans From Juarez to Run It!
Let the Benevolent Billionaire Philanthropists Run America; Ditch the Politicians
US Congress Neglecting Duty on Military Research; Quite Sickening Indeed
Total Incompetence in Management = Government Bureaucracy
The Dilemma Of Human Rights - 1978 Editorial
North Korea Has a 9300 Mile Range Missile that can hit San Francisco Girlie Men
What good is Better a Crooked Politician; How about a Stupid one?
Ditch the Political System and Start Over; These Morons Cannot Do Anything Right?
Gates-Buffet Foundation Can Do More with 60B than the US Government with 1 Trillion
Depression is Knowing Your Government will Never Get Better
Change Management and the US Congress
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Washington DC is a Death Trap
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Is the US Government Incompetent and Worthless?
Liberalism is Nuts!
Ralph Reed's Dilemma
On Running For President: The Platform of Candidate Taylor Jones, The Hack Writer
Political Buttons
United States Senate Does Not Pass The Flag Desecration Amendment
Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Vote Against the Banning of Flag Burning Amendment
Washington DC Still Flooding and They Deserve It
Capitol Criminals
CIA Central Intelligence Agency Arrogant and Worthless
CIA Pulls Out of Lebanon and Syria
Swastika Law Stupid
International Terrorists Have More Rights Than President of the United States?
Sarbanes Oxley
Israel and Syria Move Towards War; Iran Un-Characteristically Quiet
American Cultural Patterns
Space Shuttle Good To Go After Fourth of July Holiday
Masaru Emoto